One-Eyed King

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One-Eyed King
Dates run: November 2 - December 22, 2005
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: The One-Eyed King

Makes you think, doesn't it? About how much of an obstacle the loss of an eye should be.

After losing his eye in Seattle, Scott adjusts to some fairly significant changes in his life - both good and bad.


Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1, Alex Summers, Cain Marko, Forge

NPCs: Charles Xavier, Phillip Summers


November 2 - December 22, 2005

Plot Summary

After the riot at the monorail, Scott was rushed to a local hospital. Doctors there were forced to remove his left eye, after it was destroyed by shards of ruby quartz from his shattered visor. The surgery went as well as could be expected, but Scott was shaken by the loss of his eye and what it meant for his future, despite reassurances from Jean and Charles. His old fear of blindness haunted him as he recuperated in the hospital with even his good eye bandaged.

Moira soon arrived to consult, given the close relationship between Scott's eyes and his powers. As Scott was asleep she spoke to Jean first, talking her fellow doctor through a small, if days-overdue emotional breakdown. While the two women were getting something to eat, Scott awoke to one of the nurses changing his bandages. When she accidentally removed the bandages over his undamaged eye without warning him, Scott was stunned when the accident failed to result in a hole in the ceiling. Only when he panicked at the lack of the expected optic blast did it happen, and Jean came running in response to his frantic cry for help on the link.

Several hours later, after a number of tests, Jean, Moira, and the doctor who'd performed Scott's surgery came to the conclusion that his good eye did not need to be bandaged. Scott, stubbornly, refused to open his eye and demanded some sort of cover for it. He butted heads with Moira on the matter, but she finally convinced him to take a chance and open his eye. Again, there were no optic blasts, and she told him that it looked very much like he had the chance to gain conscious control over his powers for the first time since his manifestation. Consulting with Jean again immediately afterwards, Moira promised to help her and Scott through the rest of his recovery and retraining. Scott found himself wrestling with a gut-level fear about what would happen if his power came back on unexpectedly, but did manage to find the bright side of normal vision for the first time in years.

Scott was released from the hospital a few days later, and he, Jean, Alex, and the others who'd stayed with them returned to Westchester. There, he continued to recuperate, and the inhabitants of the mansion worked on getting used to seeing the headmaster without his glasses. The process of getting his powers under control was not an entirely smooth one. He had an accident with one of the exterior walls when a student startled him, leading to a lecture and impromptu training session from Cain. Also, while under the influence of painkillers and the Wizard of Oz, accidentally gave his and Jean's bedroom a new window.

He persevered, however, although the day his bandages were finally removed, he found himself getting depressed over the prospect of never flying again. He also stuck to wearing an eyepatch, resolutely resisting talk about anything more permanent until Forge ambushed him in his office one day, convincing Scott to let him design him a prosthetic eye fitted with an infra-red ping-and-respond system that would compensate somewhat for the loss of vision. That Christmas, Scott was ambushed by someone else - his grandfather, who told him the story of Wiley Post, an aviation pioneer who had done all his record-breaking flying with only one eye. Heartened by the story, Scott started to look ahead to 'when' he would be flying again, rather than 'if'.

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Scott would not in fact fly again until June of 2006, when he and Jean stopped in Alaska on their way back from their delayed honeymoon. While he was there, Phillip took him to get recertified as a pilot, and Scott later flew Jean down to Vancouver to talk to Thomas and others from her time living in that city.


Plotrunner: Alicia

The story of Wiley Post is true. A pioneer in high-altitude flying, he was the first pilot to fly solo around the world. His whole flying career took place after he lost his eye in an oil field accident.