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Daniel Lyman
Portrayed by Peter Wingfield
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: William Stryker; Anti-Mutant
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: X2

One of Stryker's associates, Lyman attempted to continue Stryker's work after his death, frequently targeting high-profile mutants from the school. He was arrested in Peru for attempted theft of artifacts as part of a power-play by Robert Haverford.


Name: Daniel Lyman

Aliases: None known

Affiliation: Formerly an associate of William Stryker

First appearance: X2

Family: Unknown


Lyman served as Stryker's lieutenant for an unknown number of years, taking a leading role in the attack on the school and later, at Alkali Lake. Somehow, he survived the collapse of the dam and escaped. Little is known about his activities in the intervening years, or whether he was involved in the attempted abduction of Wanda Maximoff in England, or the first attempt to kidnap Scott Summers in the fall of 2004.

Phase 1

When he did resurface, he arranged for the kidnapping of Alex Summers to force his brother to trade himself for him, and interrogated Scott at length. His interest was in the adamantium bonding process, and a meeting that Scott had apparently witnessed at Alkali Lake. He was unable to get more than a few details out of Scott before the X-Men arrived to rescue him. Lyman, along with the rest of his men, was taken into custody by the government after the events in Wyoming.

At some point in the following months, he made a deal with the government, providing his testimony concerning Stryker's activities and contacts in return for immunity. He was placed in witness protection in New England, but was dissatisfied by the passive nature of his new life. When Robert Haverford, a philanthropist seeking ancient artifacts in an attempt to give himself superpowers, found Lyman after turning up information that he was somehow connected to an incident involving Xavier's school, Lyman quite willingly agreed to accompany him in his travels. Haverford's quest was thwarted by Jean and Scott, and Lyman was left in Peruvian custody, charged as an accomplice in Haverford's attempted theft.

In late 2008, Lyman was freed from prison by David North, who arranged for Lyman's freedom in exchange for information on the Weapon X program. Lyman agreed, but double-crossed North by activating the Shiva protocols. At this time, Lyman's whereabouts are unknown.

Phase 2




Phase 1


Search and Rescue

New Renaissance Man

Shiva (offscreen)

Home and Native Land

Phase 2


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Formerly socked by Nute

PB: Peter Wingfield