Day In The City

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Day In The City
Dates run: October 26-27, 2004
Run By: Alicia
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Well there, pup. And what are you doing wandering in the Park? Me and the boys were wondering, see, because it occurred to us you just might be wanting to play a spot of chess.

When an attempted kidnapping goes bad, an amnesiac Scott finds himself wandering New York City.


Scott Summers, Alex Summers, Betsy Braddock, Lorna Dane


October 26-27, 2004

Plot Summary

Returning from Hawaii after a quick trip to visit one of Alex's prospective colleges (and to give a very stressed Scott a break from the mansion), the Summers brothers were ambushed in the airport parking lot by unknown assailants. They began to successfully fight off their attackers, but when Scott was tackled to the ground, one of his attackers used what appeared to be the mind-control serum created by Stryker. When Alex finally fought his way free, his brother was nowhere to be found, and he called the mansion in a panic, alerting the X-Men via Lorna, who was sitting the coms watch that evening.

Scott had in fact escaped, although the serum had affected him, leaving him with a case of temporary amnesia. He wandered New York for the better part of twenty-four hours, struggling with vague fragments of memory but oddly, more at peace than he had been in months. When an elderly chess player in Central Park stopped him, convincing the rather lost-looking Scott to sit down for a game and a hot dog, Scott started to recall playing chess with Charles, and then heard a voice in his mind, calling to him. Before he could identify that voice, two of his attackers from the night before appeared and Scott fled.

The X-Men reached him not long afterwards. While they fought the team attempting to take Scott, Betsy Braddock approached him, trying to reassure him that she was a friend. When one of the attackers tried to rush her from behind, Scott used his powers instinctively to protect her, which triggered the return of his memories.

Disoriented, but back in his right mind, Scott was taken back to the mansion by his teammates to rest. The experience left him with a new perspective on his life, reversing at least to an extent the emotional tailspin he'd been in all that fall.

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The reason for Scott's attempted kidnapping remained unknown for almost two years, until Daniel Lyman forced Scott to trade himself for Alex and revealed that Scott possessed information about the adamantium bonding process from his time brainwashed at Alkali Lake.


Plotrunner: Alicia

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)