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Dates run: January 20-31, 2009
Run By: Nute
Read the logs: Shiva

When Maverick resurfaces and uncovers information about the Weapon X program, a conspiracy is set in motion to silence him and bury the information with him.


David North, Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Morgan Lennox, Remy LeBeau, Jubilation Lee, Bishop, David Haller, Nathan Dayspring, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Crystal Amaquelin, Illyana Rasputin, Betsy Braddock

Mastodon, John Wraith, Carol Danvers


January 20-31, 2009

Plot Summary

After regaining his memories in August 2005, David North went underground and began investigating the remnants of the Weapon X program, trying to uncover the lengths of William Stryker - Phase 1's covert activities and the fate of his fellow agents. When he rescued Daniel Lyman from prison in Peru, Lyman directed North to a top-secret data cache that would provide answers.

However, Lyman doublecrossed North, activating the SHIVA program, a distributed computer system that kept track of all Weapon X agents that had been seeded into the population as "sleepers". If an agent were to go rogue, the SHIVA program would activate, contacting one of the sleepers and delivering a set of codes that would trigger a buried post-hypnotic program in their mind, turning them into a living weapon to eliminate the rogue agent.

The first of his former teammates to try and kill Maverick was Mastodon, one of his former best friends. Retrieving the data and dispatching Mastodon, North resorted to taking shelter at the Xavier Institute, hoping to cross paths once more with Logan. Having missed his former comrade again, the data cache was turned over to Doug Ramsey to try and decrypt.

After meeting up with Nathan Dayspring and recognizing each other from an operation nineteen years earlier, North's sanctuary was broken by the arrival of John Wraith, who was the next operative on the SHIVA list, scouting the mansion for Maverick before being repelled by a handful of the mansion's inhabitants. Realizing that his presence would put innocents at risk, North immediately left, contacting X-Force and asking for assistance.

When Doug was able to decrypt the data, North briefed a group of Snow Valley employees on the situation, and journeyed with Wanda to a USAMRIID facility in New Jersey to find the original, uncorrupted data. The visit was a shock to all parties when they discovered that the head of the facility was Air Force colonel Carol Danvers, herself a sleeper agent and a former member of Weapon X under the codename "Warbird". Arranging to have the information delivered, Wanda and North left. However, the meeting began breaking down the carefully-conditioned barriers in Carol's mind, and over the next 48 hours she began remembering her true identity.

Once Doug was able to acquire the uncorrupted list, it was discovered that following Wraith on the list was none other than Warbird. Using Bishop's knowledge of the perfect ambush sites in New York and Copycat's ability to mimic David's physical form to act as live bait, an X-Force strike team set up a sting for Wraith. When the former Weapon X assassin made his strike against "Maverick", he found himself in the middle of a frantic crossfire. Attempting to escape after being seriously wounded, he teleported in front of a delivery truck and was killed upon impact.

At the same time, North and Wanda rushed to try and find Carol Danvers before the SHIVA program could activate her subconscious imperatives. Unfortunately, they found her in the middle of a panic episode, conflicting memories driving her mad. North's presence was able to calm her, however - until the SHIVA computer made contact. Seeing no other alternative, Maverick was forced to shoot down his former teammate and answer the SHIVA call himself - which drove the computer into a logic loop, locking up the program and effectively shutting SHIVA down for good.

After confirming Wraith's death with the hospital, the incident was considered finished - but during a meeting with Betsy Braddock in a small New York church, David was surprised when the head of the Snow Valley center offered him a job and a new direction.

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Due to having his brain somewhat scrambled by Betsy's psychic knife years ago, Maverick no longer has the SHIVA conditioning in his subconscious.


The song used by the SHIVA program to trigger the sleeper agents is Ashes to Ashes, by David Bowie.

The log titles used for the plot come from the soundtrack to Metal Gear Solid 4, by Harry Gregson-Wagner.

The Weapon X operatives in the plot were graciously socked by Twiller (Mastodon), Ben (Wraith), and Mon (Warbird).

Plotrunner: Nute