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Klara Prast
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Portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove
Codename: N/A
Affiliations: none
Birthdate: November 30th, 1994
Journal: Klara Prast
Player: Available for Applications

New to the outside world as well as to her mutancy and the school, Klara is struggling to understand herself.

When her elder brother's wife went through a difficult delivery of their newest child in July 2011 Klara left the mansion to help and support them and their family.


Character Journal: Klara Prast

Real Name: Klara Prast

Codename: None

Aliases: None

First Appearance: August 15, 2009

Date of Birth: November 30th, 1994

Place of Birth: On her family's farm in Pennsylvania state

Citizenship: American, though Klara lacks a number of official papers and there aren't many records of her existence outside of the community she lived in.

Relatives: Parents - Stephen Prast and Elizabeth Prast. Siblings (listed in order of birth) - Joseph Prast (26), Agnes Prast (24), Mary Prast (22), Isaac Prast (19), Bartholomew Prast (16). She also has a fairly large extended family of cousins and in-laws, as all of her siblings are older and married. Bartholomew is the only sibling who does not have children yet, because he was only married in the fall.

Education: Klara has a grade 8 education, with a heavy religious slant and very little modern history and pretty much no science, aside from learning some simple things about botany. Her reading level and mathematical skills are slightly above average for a girl her age, though she's only been exposed to books that the Amish community would consider appropriate. She was, for example, allowed to read the Chronicles of Narnia because of their biblical slant, but those are the most modern fictional works she's read. Her scientific education is sorely lacking and she's received no sexual education whatsoever because that would be sinful to talk about.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: none



Klara grew up in an Amish community. She was the youngest of six children, and there were an even number of boys and girls in the family. Despite their age difference, Klara was the closest to her eldest brother Joseph, who played with her and babied her. She grew up speaking both German and English fluently. Her family was fairly close-knit, although her independent older brother sometimes clashed with their parents. One of the most distressing times in Klara's life was when she was eight, and her then twenty year old brother officially left the community. He had been shunned for some time, due to his exploration of other non-Amish lifestyles, but he finally decided to leave when he was pressured to marry a woman who wanted to marry someone else. It took two and a half years before the family was willing to reconcile with Joseph. Eventually, they began replying to his letters, and he returned for visits.

One of the greatest joys in Klara's life was attending school. She loved to read, and she was good at math. When she wasn't in school, she had chores to do. Klara was fond of both sewing, and of maintaining the family garden. Though the majority of what the family grew was fruit and vegetables, Klara loved the flowers most of all. Her father was strict about his children obeying him, but he was more moderate as far as allowing them small privileges when they were being well behaved. The children were allowed to sell their crafts and keep some of the money they made for personal spending money - Klara's personal favorite treat to buy was apples covered in candy coating.

As Klara grew up, her siblings moved away from home and got married, one by one. Her father began dabbling with alcohol, though he'd typically restrict himself to a single drink after an exhausting day of working and only once in a while. However, things changed when Klara's powers manifested. Klara was thirteen. She'd just completed her grade 8 education, and was slightly bummed out that she couldn't keep going to school. As a child, she had often spoken to the plants, but when she sat near the roses, she felt...something. A response of some sort. The roses had a disappointingly low amount of growth for the year, and as soon as Klara wished that they'd had the chance to grow large and beautiful, the rose bushes in the backyard grew startlingly quickly. Tiny buds expanded, and within seconds, the rose blooms were the size of Klara's head. Klara's mother witnessed this, and she was horrified. She immediately whisked Klara inside, and told her to pray to God to get the devil out of her. When Klara's father found out, he gave her a horrible beating, in the hopes that he'd beat the devil out of his daughter.

The next few months were horrible for Klara, as her father began to take up drinking as a way to run away from his problems. He had normally been the sort of man who was quite restrained about the use of physical force - it had been reserved for punishing the children's worst offenses only. However, with the alcohol influencing his behaviour, he became more abusive to Klara, believing that if he hit her enough, the devil would stop cursing his child and his little girl would return to normal. However, with the amount her father was drinking, Klara was eventually prompted to use her powers for the sake of growing crops for the family. He was in no state to work more than half the time, and Klara found it was easier to be out of the house doing work than it was to be in her father's presence. She tried to use her powers in small increments, with limited success. The plants still grew at an abnormally quick pace and eventually people started noticing that something was amiss. Despite only Klara and her mother working the fields most of the time, they were still growing every bit as much as they had when Klara's older siblings had still lived at home.

Klara's powers were officially discovered by a boy named Luke who fancied her. He knew of her love of roses, and had come to bring her some when he saw her out in the fields. With only a word from her, all of the plants surrounding her grew noticeably within seconds, until she asked them to stop. Shocked and very disturbed that he'd ever wanted to marry her, he ran off and spread the word that Klara Prast was a witch. It wasn't long before gossip circulated through the community and people began theorizing that the reason Klara's father had been sick for so long (the family covered up his drinking habit by claiming that he was ill) was because Klara was a witch.

Despite community pressure, Klara's parents couldn't bring themselves to kick their daughter out. They discouraged her from going outside, and the abuse continued, but they still loved her enough that the idea of sending her off on her own troubled them. Eventually, Klara made the decision for them. The abuse was difficult to deal with, and the thought that her parents were getting harassed because of her was even more upsetting. As soon as the snow melted and the temperatures were above freezing, Klara packed her things and left. She took an envelope with her brother's address with her, and packed a single bag with the small amount of money she had, several small jars with a good number of seeds in them, her Chronicles of Narnia books, and a change of clothing. She dressed warmly and layered her clothing. She only had the most minimal idea of where her brother lived - that it was within the same state and which direction.

Harsh Realties

Taken in by a seemingly kind man, Klara helped him with her powers, using them to grow various plants for him. When she discovered that they were in fact drugs, she refused to continue. Her benefactor turned against her, striking her and threatening to kill her if she didn't help. Klara fled, using her powers to create a rosebush maze in which she hid for a time before slipping away and finding help at a local police station. Her brother Joseph was contacted and he came to claim her, telling her that he had spoken to a Charles Xavier about a special school for mutants. It had been arranged that she go there and obediently, Klara went.

The expression 'thrown in the deep end' was certainly applicable to Klara's first few months at the school. Almost immediately upon her arrival, she and her fellow New Mutants ran across a marijuana crop during a controlled burn and succumbed to the fumes with the others. Employed to prevent two Very Bad Men from reaching their benefactors' residence, Klara was amused to discover pumpkins make a very effective roadblock. Her powers came in handy again in November 2009, when another field trip went wrong, this time in the botanical gardens. With fellow chlorokinetic, Callie Betto, Klara helped rescue Nicholas Gleason from a rare, carnivorous plant. Then in April 2010, she went to Pakistan with the other Red X volunteers to assist in earthquake aid, only to find herself combating the Imperial Guard with Laura Kinney and Adrienne Frost. The incident was a shock to the peace-loving girl, especially having to use her powers offensively to help her friends and those in her care.

Due to her lack of technological knowledge, it was some time before Klara was comfortable on the journal system and she tended to keep to herself. She and Yvette Petrovic bonded early, both experiencing the mansion as a foreign place, and Doreen Green was a source of knowledge about the modern world, especially computer games. She could be found most often in the gardens or in the greenhouse; her second haunt being the kitchen, where she would bake and make homemade preserves and such for the residents - it was her banana bread that earned her a place as Wade Wilson's Minion Number Three. She also joined her fellow New Mutants in various activities (and adventures), including the D&D disaster, the second hand store hauntings and running away to the Morlock Tunnels with Artie Maddicks.

In July 2011 Klara left the mansion to live with her brother and his family after his wife went through a difficult delivery of their newest child. She decided her place was with them and wanted to help the family as much as she could. Her departure came soon after she found herself trapped in a nightmare when an old foe decided to get revenge on Jean Grey.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 100 pounds

Eyes: Very light grey - her eyes are her most striking physical feature because of how light they are.

Hair: Dark brown, nearly black. It reaches down to her mid-back in length and Klara is most typically found wearing her hair in a braid.

Other Features: Klara is a petite teenage girl who isn't quite finished growing just yet. She's a slim girl whose build is fairly healthy due to the fact that she hasn't lived a sedentary lifestyle, and hasn't eaten a great deal of junk food, either. She's surprisingly physically strong, but well within the human range, due to all the work she's done around her family's farm.


Chlorokinesis. Klara is able to control plants. She has a particular affinity for roses. Most plants, she gives an instruction to and they respond, but the roses specifically "speak" back to her. Klara can control plants within a 100 foot radius of her. Klara can cause rapidly accelerated and decelerated growth in plants, and make them grow drastically beyond their normal potential. She only needs a small piece of a plant to be with her or nearby her in order to make it grow. For example, when she feels threatened, her powers will cause a massive rosebush to spring up around her protectively. The rosebush will have branches/stems that resemble thick vines instead, and those branches/stems will be as thick as an adult human's leg or bigger.

Klara can cause rapid growth of this sort within seconds. In fact, because her control is imperfect, this is a common response when she feels threatened. Because her control is imperfect, she has very little fine control of her powers. At most, she can control her powers enough to grow things to a normal size when she's paying attention.

Klara is able to use her plants for attacking purposes if necessary, but as she has no training and lacks fine control, her powers are more effectively employed for defense. Attacks would be mostly useful in restraining an opponent with extra-tough vines, or possibly gauging an opponent with super-sized thorns. With training, Klara could employ poisonous plants as weapons as well. Being somewhat of a pacifist and only willing to harm another person in self-defense or to protect others, Klara would avoid the latter as much as possible.


Klara carries bags of seeds with her, in case she has to grow something.


During her time at the mansion, Klara learning to make a rose vine whip with her powers.

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Player Icon Base: Miranda Cosgrove

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Klara was first brought into the game by Lex in August 2009, and who later left XP in July 2011.