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Modern Nature
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Dates run: November 9, 2009
Run By: Cat
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"I feel like we're about to see a celebrity or something. Only it's... a plant. Does that sound weird?"

A visit to a new exhibit at the Botanical Gardens has unexpected complications for some of the students.


Callie Betto, Catseye, Nicholas Gleason, Klara Prast, Crystal Amaquelin

Charles Xavier


November 9, 2009

Plot Summary

When a new, unidentifiable plant is discovered at the New York Botanical garden, Crystal decided to organize a field trip for the biology students to observe and write a report on it.

The garden was crowded with people interested in seeing this new species of flora, and the four students queued up with what seems to be the rest of New York City and its surrounding areas. Everything seemed normal, but of course things are never what they seem. Catseye first began to notice that there seems to be no squirrels or honeys in the area, something one would expect in an outdoor sanctuary in the middle of a city. As they neared close, Callie began to notice a metallic taste in her mouth, as if she had bit her cheek or tongue and there was a small bleed.

As the students examined the plant, a bird landed behind out of their view. Alerted by the pressure, the plant quickly devoured the bird and began to creep out one of its tentacle leaves towards Nick, wrapping itself around his ankle. The poison began to secrete, and eat away at his skin. When he felt it stinging through his skin, the students started to react, while Crystal focused on keeping the crowd. Catseye tried to attack the plant, but was stung by the poison herself. Callie struggled to try and use her powers to unwrap Nick’s ankle and shrink the plant without much luck. The plant was putting up too much of a fight for her to be able to control it. Instead she tried something risky and attempted to shut off the poison secretion from the plant. To her surprise, this tactic worked, enabling Crystal to pull Nick and Catseye away. However, the plant was still reaching out to grab on to people, and while Callie was focused on keeping the poison off in case it did reach someone, she couldn’t make the plant retreat. So the task fell to Klara to use her powers to get the plant to lay down and stop attacking. Once accomplished, she and Callie worked together reversing the plant’s growth, reverting it back to a smaller plant which Callie was then able to dig up to be taken back to the botanists.

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Following the incident, Callie was granted lab space and permission to study an off-shoot of the plant. She also resigned from the New Mutants at this time.


Plotrunner: Cat