Reefer Madness

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Reefer Madness
Dates run: August 18-19, 2009
Run By: Rossi
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"You have our product, Daniel? My employer doesn't like to be kept waiting. Makes him unhappy."'

"Makes us unhappy."

Helping out with a controlled burn, the New Mutants find themselves involved in wacky hijinks when the fire accidentally destroys a hippy group's 'crop' just as delivery is due.


Angelica Jones, Catseye, Doreen Green, Fred Dukes, Inez Temple, Julian Keller, Klara Prast, Nicholas Gleason, Noriko Ashida, Yvette Petrovic

Archie Wilson, The Dirty Hippies: (The Decoy (aka Daniel Kirkhope), Naked Tree Guy (aka John Wellstone) and Roger the Hippy (aka Roger Baker)

The Collectors: Mr Neary and Mr Hitch


August 18-19, 2009

Plot Summary

Archie Wilson, the Park Superintendent for Adirondack Park Preserve contacted the school with a unique opportunity. He well remembered the help that the New Mutants furnished the town of Cataqua in his park, and thought he had a way to pay the school back. Adirondack was doing a controled burn for the summer, to clear the underbrush to allow healthy growth next year, and limit the deer population for the winter. He suggested a weekend course in which the New Mutants could learn about responding to natural disasters like forest fires in a controled setting. Obviously, it was a unique opportunity, and Xavier's agreed.

The trouble started on the first day. The burn had been going for a couple of days, but a combination of a sudden dry heat snap and increased winds caused the fire to start to get out of control. The New Mutants watched as the fire jumped a barrier pond and was caught by the wind, funneled down a valley, cutting them off from the main group. They weren't in immediate danger, but were cut off from Archie and the rest of the fire crews. As they started to head away from the flames, they heard a call for help, as three men were struggling in a clearing, surrounded by flames and a heavy, funny smelling smoke.

Quickly, the New Mutants got the men clear, and were led to a small complex of cabins around a larger house. By this time, the effects of the smoke started to take hold, and as they were checked out to make sure they haven't been injured, it became obvious that all of them have just taken a major hit of industrial strength weed.

The three men, known as the Decoy, Naked Tree Guy, and Roger the Hippy, all work for the Park in different ways. They supplement their income by growing weed in the secluded valley for sale. While it's not a huge amount, the Decoy is actually a mutant, with a very specific ability to manipulate the genetic materials in plants, making them tougher, better able to resist disease, or in the case of the pot, to refine and boost the THC content to ridiculous levels. Their superweed had a small but select clientele, and and had been completely destroyed.

The Decoy, who is the senior arbourist in the park, contacted Archie to let him know the kids were safe and in the cabin complex. Because the fire was jumping roads, he suggested that they stay there while the fire was gotten under control, with the Decoy doing his potion of their training there so it was not interrupted. The Decoy is high up in the park and a trusted friend, so Archie passed the information along to the teachers who agreed. The students weren't in any danger, and pulling them out would cost them the opportunity to learn that they came there for the first place.

However, the problems of the hippies were greater than just their lost crop. Their seller had sent men to collect his crop, and if they didn't have it, he would want his investment back of $25,000 that he gave them to produce it. Like any hippies, they are utterly useless at any sort of resistance, and a couple of hardcases would make their lives very difficult. Stoned out of their minds, the students offered to help the sad old men out of trouble. The Decoy cooked up a plan.

Between them, they had about five grand they can scrape together. The Decoy suggested that he can teach the older ones how to throw a 'flying wedge'; a tactic used to beat the house odds at blackjack and thus illegal, to gain the money back. In the meantime, the younger students with Naked Tree Guy and Roger the Hippy would covertly delay the two men coming to collect the crop until the others could get back from the casino.

Fred, Noriko, Inez and Julian went with the Decoy, to take on the tables at Turning Stone Casino, stoned yet high functioning, learning how to run the wedge while not getting caught or tipping the fact that most of them are a year underaged and completely baked. The other group - Dori, Yvette, Nick, Catseye, Clara and Angel - created seemingly random delays and obstructions on the road to the camp.

Distraction techniques took the form of Klara and Naked Tree Guy blocking the road with giant pumpkins, Nick and Catseye biting the tires of the car, Angel and Yvette creating a burning road block and Doreen, Wicked Witch-like, standing on a tree branch, with a sea of squirrels racing past her to latch themselves on to the windows and hood of the car, while Roger the Hippy played 'Ride of the Valkyries' behind her. Basically, bizarre circumstances that couldn't be pinned on the hippies as intentional.

Finally, the group from the casino got back, having made their 25K despite the Decoy's natural bad luck getting him thrown out of the casio half way through, getting in just as the criminals finally arrived and collected their money. By this time, the high finally wore off, as they dropped off to sleep in the various cabins. In the morning, the teachers arrived with Archie to the complex, with the students unharmed and the fires now under control to finish the weekend.

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This was Nick and Klara's first outing with the New Mutants.


Plotrunner: Rossi

This plot was originally written by Dex in response to a thread on the mailing list about getting the New Mutants stoned. It is also based heavily on Australian author John Birmingham's book Tasmanian Babes Fiasco and the movie (based on another Birmingham book) He Died With A Falafel In His Hand

Dex socked Archie, the Decoy and Mr. Neary and Mr. Hitch.

Al socked Naked Tree Guy.

K8 socked Roger the Hippy.