New York Minute

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New York Minute
Dates run: December 5-6, 2008
Run By: cora
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~All you tell me is what a disappointment I am, how I’m not my brother and he’s so fabulous, and I can’t do anything right for you or for anyone, and I hate it and I HATE YOU!~

A visit from her parents sends Nori running away from them and into trouble.


Noriko Ashida, Scott Summers, David Haller, Kyle Gibney, Theresa Cassidy, Nathan Dayspring, Julio Richter


December 5-6, 2008

Plot Summary

After a massive blow up at her parents, Noriko runs off, ending up in New York City, where she proceeds to party the night away in increasingly seedy bars. At one of the bars she makes some "friends" who are a little too friendly for her taste and fending off their attack drains her emergency cell, killing it and triggering the automatic alarm. While she goes to sleep off her hangover, first in a subway and then in a NYPD cell, a team of X-Men respond to the alarm and scour the city, looking for their lost student.

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New York Minute

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As a result of New York Minute, Nori realized just how much she now stood to lose at the mansion and decided to take her studies and training more seriously, while she and Julio were finally able to admit that they both wanted something more out of their relationship and started to take it more seriously than they had.


Plotrunner: Cora