Case File: The Sting

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The Sting
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Dates run: April 13 - 15 2015
Run By: AJ
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"No crime?! She's a mutant! They're responsible for their so called M-Day. They killed everyone! She's a threat to the public and you're arresting us! Do you have any idea how messed up that is?"

A break in at an anti-mutant protestor's house leads X-Factor Investigations down a dark road that yields some unpleasant surprises about the goings on of the police force in their city.


X-Factor Investigations

Arthur Centino, Barbara Morse, Jessica Jones, Lorna Dane, Susan Storm, Warren Worthington

Harold Fraser


April 13 - 15 2015

Plot Summary

Hearing about a vociferous anti-mutant protester who had been hassling potential mutants and had been scarily successful preaching about his anti-mutant agenda, Sue Storm decided to break into his house and see if she could locate some evidence, some material she could use to blackmail him into stepping back from his platform. Unfortunately while there she was surprised by Gabriel Cohuelo who had broken in with a similar idea. The shock of seeing someone else just appear and disappear shook Sue up and she inadvertently let herself be captured on a CCTV image, a picture their erstwhile mark used to track her down as she was leaving for lunch with Julian. Some fancy driving by Sue and power use by Julian allowed them to escape to her apartment, only to find that it had been ransacked, presumably by the same people who had attacked them earlier.In shock and seeking safety Julian took Sue to the mansion where he knew she'd be safe. It was only later that she admitted to him what had happened and that the thugs might have been after a USB key she had in her possession. Julian promised they'd get to the bottom of it and passed the case over to X-Factor Investigations.

After Sue decrypted the data she found a lot of reports and no incriminating data, but to Bobbi and Jessica's trained eyes it told another story. These were police reports, and that could only mean one thing, Sue's target had a mole in the police department. This was disquieting news for XFI, and they realized they needed to find out more about the preacher, leading Arthur, Lorna and Jessica to tail him, hoping to find out more about him. The three of them tracked him back to a warehouse on the edge of the city. However when they tried to get any closer they noticed several incognito patrols and a state of the art security system. There was no chance that the three of them could get in without raising the alarm. So that night, Arthur and Sue scaled the side of the building and after disabling the security system, slipped inside to search the warehouse. What they discovered was worse than any of their imaginations could have dreamed of, the residents they had come across were vivisecting mutants and using their parts to grant powers to their fellows.

Back at the XFI offices the team examined the information they'd discovered, but realized that they couldn't go to the police with this. Instead that night Sue and Warren came up with a place to catch the cell out. They sent Arthur and Bobbi to a variety of police bars planting a story about mutant act at a subsidiary of Worthington Industries. The cell took the bait, arriving at Worthington Industries demanding the arrest of the mutant, only to find that Warren and Sue had called in Internal Affairs. Suddenly the tables were turned and the cell formerly so confident were now on the back foot. Internal Affairs took them into custody, their credibility in ruins and their organization unable to prey on another mutant.

Later that week Bobbi received word from her contacts that the cell had been mysteriously killed in their jail cells before they could be questioned about anything.

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As a result of this plot Sue Storm joined XFI as a consultant and junior investor.

The hints of a grander shadowy organization were seeded in the world.


Plotrunner: AJ