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Clean Slate
Dates run: March 17-21, 2006
Run By: Rossi
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"Maybe it's vasculitis..."

Struck down by severe, inexplicable migraines, Amanda Sefton goes to the Muir Island Research Facility and Moira MacTaggart for help.


Amanda Sefton, Remy LeBeau, Moira Mactaggart

Curt Connors


March 17-21, 2006

Plot Summary

Amanda left the school in November 2005 following the aftermath of the Hellfire Club incident and spent several months in New Orleans under the watchful eyes of Tante Mattie and Remy.

Not long after Angelo's visit in January 2006 Amanda started getting headaches. She chalked it up to the study she was doing to finish her high school equivalency and didn't say anything. Then just before Lorna's visit in late February, the first migraine hit. Several more followed and Tante's arts were ineffective. Amanda went to the local clinic doctor who diagnosed migraines and gave her stronger painkillers, but they didn't work either. Eventually, concerned and frightened, Amanda went to Muir Island with Remy in March to find out from Moira what was wrong.

Whilst Curt Connors was examining Amanda, Moira gave Remy the news that the damage to his leg was getting worse due to the changes to his musculature done as part of the LOSTBOYS project. Remy was faced with the possibility of amputation if it became much worse. Meanwhile, Amanda's symptoms continued to baffle the two doctors.

Moira's eventual diagnosis (proved by use of a magical artifact provided by Romany Wisdom) was the manifestation of Amanda's mutant powers. The damage done in November effectively "re-set" Amanda's powers back to their original state, prior to the interference of Rack. Several months on, Amanda was undergoing manifestation, the same as most young mutants. The difficulty was Amanda was subconsciously blocking her powers, refusing to even entertain the thought they might be coming back after the events of Lost In The Woods and was thus causing herself more and more pain. It took tough talking and a lot of thinking for Amanda to see the situation the way Moira presented it: as a second chance to do things properly, without the issues and the damage of before. The final decision was to accept the return of her powers - but to reject the path of magic. Amanda stayed on at Muir after that, working on her powers and learning to bleed off power when she needed to, until Pete Wisdom brought her in for X-Force on account of her occult knowledge.

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The crystal Moira uses to test her theory is indeed the same magical Geiger counter given to her by Romany shortly after Amanda's arrival at the school in January 2004, recharged after Amanda drained its power.

Amanda spent the months between her diagnosis and Pete's recruitment of her for X-Force working for Moira's uncle and cousin in their pub and training with Moira in controlling her mutant ability.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The logs between Curt and Moira are a homage to the medical drama House.