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Character(s): Remy LeBeau
Date joined: June 2009


Joined June 2009, player of Nicholas Gleason and formerly of Bobby Drake. He left in January 2012, but returned a year later with Nick. He left again in December 2015 and returned, this time with a Phase 2 version of Remy LeBeau in September 2017.

Former Mod

Craig was one of the random grad students on X-Project who joined to procrastinate from getting his PhD. Finding out about the game from his former boss Ryan, he figured he'd give it a shot, and here he is, back again.

In game one thing he is most proud that he found a way to start one of the most awkward but cute couples in game, Nick and Catseye.

When he's not writing as his characters, the Emo Werewolf, Nicholas Gleason or the Human Refrigerator, Bobby Drake, he is working as a psychologist, which still scares the crap out of him. He enjoys random bad television shows, most notably Rock of Love.

Preferred means of contact: E-Mail or AIM if you tell me ahead of time.

Phase 2


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