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Dark Dimension: Homecoming
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Dates run: October 1-9, 2017
Run By: Rei and Sam
Read the logs: Dark Dimension: Homecoming

Quote from the plot

Vivid, unexplained nightmares reveal a truth to Clea that changes her whole world and threatens all life on Earth.


Clea Lake, Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Stephen Strange, Megan Gwynn, William Kaplan

Doug Ramsey, Logan, Jean Grey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Jubilation Lee, Arthur Centino, Artie Maddicks, Julian Keller, Miles Morales, Sharon Friedlander


Ancient One and his followers: Karl Mordo, Wong, Daniel Drumm, Morgan, Kacelius, Lucian and Kate


October 1-9, 2017

Plot Summary

Clea started to have life like dreams of a place she had never seen before. At first it was pleasant and mysterious but those quickly turned towards terrifying and more mysterious. She started to be stalked by an unseen creature and whenever she would turn to face her adversary she would wake up. Soon she found herself not wanting to fall asleep because it turn into a hide and seek where if she wasn't going to be the winner. On the sixth day of her dream-mares, Clea fell asleep in the library while catching up on homework when she found herself in the creepy place. The creature found her again and as she struggle to wake up, it reached out for her. She woke up on the floor, screaming, and her arm badly scratched. Topaz was nearby and seeing Clea sent an alert that something was in the mansion and took Clea down to the medical room to be examined.

Amanda lead the search party that consist of Doug, Logan, Billy, and Megan for whatever attacked Clea. Their search came up empty handed and Amanda decided to go down to the medical room to get more information about it. While there Clea struggled to stay awake as Jean tended to her wound. With permission, Jean and Amanda, entered Clea's mind and observe what appeared to be a memory of Clea's nightmares. It was a little worrying with the black shape turning towards the two woman and talked to them before disappearing.

It was decided that Topaz would keep watch so that Clea could actually get some sleep. No sooner had the younger girl closed her eyes, did she wake up from her nightmare. It was in that instant a blue tear ripped behind her and began to suck everything in. It 'closed' once the two girls were swallowed and found themselves physically in the Dark Dimension. They explored and headed towards the castle once Clea started to take off running having the strange feeling that the same thing haunting her dream were hot on their heels. They were greeted by Orini and he showed them deeper into the castle until it turned out that whatever was haunting Clea was actually Orini and they took off running. Meanwhile, the demonic wards went off and Amanda gathered the magic group to have a look of the bordered off Clea's room. Billy, Stephen, and Megan were given assignments to research and add more wards so that the portal wouldn't open again.

In the Dark Dimension, Topaz and Clea have seem to have lost Orini have found the kitchens. As they eat, Topaz makes shifts a bandage from one of Clea's bed sheets. After they rested a bit, they find themselves on the upper floors of the castle and in an old nurses room, unknown to both that it used to be Clea's. They barricade the door and make a small bed in the corner to try to get some sleep.

Shortly afterwards, Amanda received a mysterious email asking her to come to meeting at a location for more information. Amanda arrives at the time, with Doug,

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IC notes stemming from the plot. Eg: "As a result of this Character A developed a crippling fear of ottomans".


Plotrunner: Rei and Sam