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Character(s): Lorna Dane, Tandy Bowen and Clea Lake
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Date joined: January 2012

Villains Sub-Editor

Former player of Lorna Dane - Phase 1.


I joined in January 2012. I have been roleplaying for over 6 years. This is my first time on a site that is this huge. I like to knit and play video games. I work in the video game industry and I love it, I never get bored of it. I believe my dog was a meek rat in his past life as he likes to sit up and looks around. I live in the sunny state of California, but I think I live in the foggiest part. My favorite superhero is Batman. I have so much batman stuff including a stamp collection that is framed with batman on it with batman colors. I might have an obsession.

I am always up for plotting so just shoot me an email and I'll respond.

Preferred Method of Contacting: Email or Gchat

Phase 2


Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased
None Ancient One


Christopher Summers/Corsair


The Dweller in the Dark



Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased
None Achmed Akkabi

Elizabeth Rose

James Baker



The Dweller in the Dark

Aloysius Reed

Phillip and Melissa Carlisle (deceased)

Dominic Destine (deceased)


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