Clea Lake

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Clea Lake
Portrayed by Sophie Turner
Codename: Clea
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: September 9th 1999
Journal: xp_clea
Player: Rei

I never really paid attention to how I get the magical energy to focus into my spells. It just happens.

Clea is a young magic user, happy to be at Xavier's with her two best friends, learning more about her powers...and of course getting into trouble.


Character Journal: xp_clea

Real Name: Clea Lake

Codename: n/a

Aliases: n/a

First Appearance: August 4, 2015

Date of Birth: September 9th 1999 (on legal documents)

Place of Birth: Capital City of Dark Dimension

Citizenship: Dark Dimension / UK

Relatives: Prince Orini (Father - Currently Unknown), Umar (Mother- Currently Unknown), Dormammu (Uncle - Mother Side -Currently Unknown), Roslina Lake (Adoptive Mother), Marcus Lake (Adoptive Father)

Education: Sophomore in High School

Relationship Status: Dating Stephen Strange

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: Generation X



Clea was born in the Dark Dimension, a parallel world to Earth. She was born during the Rebellions between Orini, the rightful heir to the Dark Dimension and Clea’s father, and Dormammu, an entity who had seized power. Her mother was Umar, Dormammu’s sister, who took human form in order to infiltrate the rebellion’s camp. She ended up having a one night stand with Orini in order to gain his trust. She betrayed the Rebellions location and Orini was taken prisoner. The rest of the rebels were able to escape because of Orini. The news of Orini’s death and sacrifice deeply hurt the morals of the rebels. It wasn’t until several cycles later when news of Umar giving birth to a baby girl, the daughter of Orini.

The rebels had several spies within the palace, they stole the princess but Umar was waiting for them. Chaos broke out in the palace as Umar’s guards went after the one that stole the baby girl, hoping to bring back her daughter. Hoping to keep her away from Umar and Dormammu’s influence, Leya, entered one of the portals. The portal they entered took to them to Modern Day Earth, the year was 2000.

The world was brighter and filled with more color and Leya was gravely injured from her wounds in the Dark Dimension and being away from the source that gave her powers she couldn’t heal herself. Leya found an orphanage that took in the baby girl and told them that her name was Clea and to keep her safe. She died from her wounds several hours later and Clea started her new life on Earth.

She was still an infant when she was adopted to a couple living in London, England. Their names were Roslina and Marcus Lake. She lived a normal life with her adopted parents who gave her the best life they could. They weren’t able to have children of their own and had been on a waiting list to adopt an infant. Starting at the age of 8 she started to attend a Summer Camp that slowly brought her out of her shell and making lasting friends – Sebastian Druid and Stephen Strange. They continued to be in touch, mainly via Clea as she would send them letters and care packages throughout the school years. When Clea hit puberty, her powers manifested. It was little things at first but she learned that she could do things that she would describe a witch doing.

She kept this a secret from her parents for as long as possible, but even they started to notice odd things going on around the house. Soon reports from her school started to file in claiming that there have been weird occurrences at the school with Clea usually at the center. She finally confided in her parents about what was happening and though she expected backlash she didn’t receive that. They were more open about it but encouraged her to not share this information openly with anyone.

Clea eventually entered High School that took a more demanding presence in her life. However, she found herself waiting for the school year to end so that she could be able to go to summer camp where her real friends were. Little did she know that her life was about to change come summer. It was the last week of Camp, when she found out that a T.V Show called "The Legendary Hunts of Bloodstone" was arriving to film the rumor of a large cat. Clea knew that they were talking about Cata. Clea, Bas and Steve decided to put matters into their own hands to save their friend from being exposed. Bas, using his power of shifting into a large cat with anime eyes, was used as a distraction to keep Ulysses Bloodstone busy. Clea and Steve used their magic to shrink their cat, it was successful but it ended with Cata never again being the same size she was once was. Their magic pinged the Occult Network and Amanda Sefton and Megan Gwynn went into to find the three teens. The following day Amanda met with their parents and it was agreed that the teens would be going back with Amanda to continue to learn how to control their magic, and mutations.

Living At The X-Mansion

Living in the States was very different and it would mark the first time she would go to a mixed school (boys and girls). She quickly took a liking to Topaz upon her return and eventually became friends with newcomer Maya Lincoln-Lopez, even if the girl was quiet angry. Clea joined Cheerleading and enrolled in AP classes and spent most of her time with Steve and Bas. She assisted in helping others out during a crash and helped Hank out. After a falling out between Xavin and Maya, Clea found herself a new roommate with Xavin. She was happy that she was no longer in a suite alone and welcomed the company.

In February 2016, she became a reluctant part of a rescue mission after several of her fellow GenX members were kidnapped to another dimension. The remaining students agreed that calling adults would be a bad idea, and forged ahead alone. Clea, however, put in a quick text to Topaz before helping Steven open a portal to the other world. They found their friends, thankfully, and were rescued by the X-Men and senior magic users.

Clea enjoyed a quiet life, after that. There was a bit of trouble at an end of year party, but she was lucky enough to avoid the police, and she got some quality time in with her BFF Stephen - who became her boyfriend Stephen at the end of the summer. Not bad all around.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 100lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Other Features: She has both ears pierced.


Clea inherited the ability to generate her own magical energy that allows her to draw on it to fuel her own magical abilities. This ability is what she was born with as she is half Faltine. She cannot shield herself from others who wish to draw upon her own magical energy. Clea can copy a spell after watching someone perform it for the first time.

Currently she knows how to summon objects to her but they aren't always the objects she wants. Clea has to pronounce it correctly and visualize it. She can create mystic bolts, which are pretty weak at the moment. The most they can do is feel like you are being zapped by one of those joke buzzers. She is better at illusions, but even they only stay up for a couple of minutes before they start to melt together. She can't maintain her spellcraft for every long when performing by herself. Upwards of ten minutes when it is herself. With flying it is even shorter, a couple minutes at the most before she just wants to call it quits and eat everything in sight. Because she uses herself as a power source she gets tired easily and the longer she tries the more she is likely to fail at anything about casting spells - to the point where it won't work at all and she'll just curl up into a tiny ball and sleep.

As long as she is on Earth, she will never reach her full potential.


Examples: Illyana's Soulsword, etc


Clea is 1/3rd owner of Cata

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Player: Rei


Player Icon Base: Sophie Turner

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Clea is Rei's third character.