Frankenberry Cat

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Frankenberry Cat
First Seen: January 21, 2015

Marie-Ange felt no pain, which was the most confusing thing about this to her. "So. So you are saying that all of the cats, alive and dead, existed, and you are going to make a new box with a frankenstein cat, yes?"

"An analogy that is altogether unfortunate for the cat. But yes, I will rebuild what can be rebuilt and replace what is gone."


A term used by the survivors of Phase 1 to describe any Phase 2 version of something or someone who existed previously and was known to them.

To quote Frito:

In the -very- last Dark Phoenix Saga log, Marie-Ange mentioned Schrodinger's Cat with regard to Xorn's talk of causality and alternate universes. Because the result of DP is any number of universes sticthed together in a loose currently un-stable knit... she later called it a Frankenstein Cat.

... somehow this turned into frankenberry cereal references (because the cereal is gross, and MA's a weirdo) and so now it's frankenberrycat.

So whenever a character describes something as "frankenberry cat", they mean it is from Xorn's stitching of universes together to create this one.

(I am over the MOON that it's a meme now)


Introduced by: Frito