Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class

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Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class
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Dates run: February 20-21, 2017
Run By: Idea by Rei, plot by Rossi
Read the logs: Honey I Shrunk the Magic Class

"Oh bloody buggering hell. I'll never live this one down. All right, I can fix this. Bunch up and I'll do the counter spell."

No-one can find the magic peeps after a regular class, but they still register on the security system. What's going on?


Amanda Sefton, Billy Kaplan, Clea Lake, Megan Gwynn, Stephen Strange, Topaz, Namor


February 20-21, 2017

Plot Summary

A typical magic lesson in size-changing spells goes awry when Billy enters the room and several different spells mix and clash. The group finds themselves shrunk to the size of cockroaches and without the magical energy to be able to cast the counterspell. Further more, Topaz's habit of animating inanimate objects results in the group being targeted by the plastic Army men Amanda had been using as test subjects, so there's a scramble for the door. Unfortunately, it's also cleaning day, and they are vacuumed up and dumped in the trash.

Escaping from the vacuum bag and death by dust bunny, thanks to Amanda's shielding spell and Stephen's way with enchanting objects, the group manages to use various objects to get out of the trashcan and make their way back inside to the kitchen. Megan's attempts to draw Namor's attention nearly end in her being swatted, so Amanda makes the decision to stop trying to get anyone's attention and to try and get to her room, where the wych she received from her friend Charlie Plunder has been quietly absorbing and storing ambient magic. The stored energy should be enough to recharge the group so they can reverse the shrinkage. If they can get there.

During what became a very long night, Topaz and Clea had to escape Rooney the cat who was intent on a snack. Stephen and Billy faced a "running with the bulls" type scenario with the usual dinner rush, and Amanda and Megan discovered Amanda's lack of tidiness created an even bigger obstacle when trying to get to her bookshelf. The group scaled the bookshelf to the shelf with the wych, where they were able to repower themselves and cast the counterspell. After which, they wound up taking a group nap.

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While the group was shrunk, friends and colleagues were wondering what had happened to them, as shown by a variety of posts asking about their whereabouts.


Plotrunner: Original idea by Rei, plot runner Rossi

The original idea was Rei's, and Rossi offered to write and run the plot for her. Logs were begun in May 2016 and were finished in February 2017.