Family Reunion

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Family Reunion
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Dates run: February 2-4, 2018
Run By: Sam
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You're officially dead, she's officially dead, and I have school on Monday.

Sometimes the past just won't stay buried. And sometimes people insist on digging it up, as Topaz discovers.

Part 3 of The Destine Arc.


Topaz, Amanda Sefton, Wanda Maximoff, Billy Kaplan

Taboo Adam, Grace, Jasmine, and Albert Destine


February 2-4, 2018

Plot Summary

Topaz is on campus between classes when she’s approached by Adam Destine. He tells her they’ve been sent to retrieve her for someone on the Way, and Topaz notices the rest of his siblings around her, but blending into the crowds of people. Topaz tries to say (uselessly) that she won’t go with them, but Adam informs her they’ll wipe out the entire campus if she doesn’t, leaving Topaz with no choice. They make her leave her bag and cell phone behind before taking her away.

They bring her to a motel room to wait with a couple Way goons as guards, but she doesn’t have to wait for long before her captor comes in — Taboo. He’s planning a family reunion, complete with Topaz’s dead mother, Alice. He explains that he’s made deals with people on the Way, and he finally has enough power to bring Alice back, which utterly horrifies Topaz. She tries to appeal to whatever decency Taboo has left, pointing out that a spell like that requires sacrifices, and Alice wouldn’t want anyone killed in her name. Taboo is far from listening, of course, assuring her that he already has sacrifices lined up.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Topaz has missed magic class and Amanda is starting to worry when she doesn’t answer her phone (because Topaz, for all her weirdness and faults, will answer when someone calls her, or will at least text back). She has someone track Topaz’s phone, which is still on campus, and they find it in her bag, which has been brought to the campus police at this point. Amanda tries a locator spell, but can’t manage to track her. The mansion mobilizes to try and track her down.

Taboo and Topaz arrive at the cemetery where Alice is buried (in London). A moment later, they’re joined by people from the Way, who have the Destines held hostage — Taboo’s sacrifices. Taboo begins the ritual by slitting Albert Destine’s throat.

Amanda feels the sudden pulse of magic in her city and grabs Wanda, and Billy for backup (and teleportation). They go to London, and Topaz takes advantage of the distraction their arrival creates and attacks Taboo, getting away from him. The fight between Taboo, Topaz, the rescue team, and the remaining Destines is cut short when everyone realizes Taboo’s spell partially worked — a zombified version of Alice rises from the grave, and after a brief fight Topaz ends up killing the zombie. The remaining Destines escape in the chaos, and Topaz confronts Taboo, informing him if he tries to pull her into his games again there won’t be anything left of him for Amanda to kill.

The aftermath is less than pretty, with Topaz melting down and yelling at Amanda before effectively shoving the older witch out of her life. There's no rhyme or reason to anything she's feeling - she's scared and questioning everything and everyone she trusts.

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Trivia and Meta


This was Taboo's and The Destines first Phase 2 appearance. Topaz had been actively avoiding trying to find out if any of them were alive up to this point.


Plotrunner: Sam