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Luca Ashdown
Portrayed by Noah Emmerich
Known Aliases: Taboo
Affiliations: Topaz
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: Operation: A Hammer To Fall

At one time the doting father of Topaz, Taboo was a man born of hatred and grief. He set out on a mission for revenge, not hesitating to bring his daughter down with him. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


Name: Luca Ashdown

Aliases: Taboo

Occupation: Magic User

First appearance: October 2012

Family: Topaz (Daughter, adopted); Alice Ashdown (Wife, deceased)


Phase 1

Luca Ashdown lived a fabulously unremarkable life. He became involved with magic during his teenage years, and it was through his studying that he met Alice. It was love at first sight, and despite the misgivings of everyone around them, the relationship flourished. They married in their early twenties and adopted their daughter, Vimala (Topaz), in 2004.

In 2011, Luca found himself on the wrong side of a mugging. When he realized the pair was using magic, he struck back, inadvertently killing one of the muggers. The incident was forgotten until May of that year, when Alice was found dead in the kitchen. The cause of death was determined as "Unknown," and the only clue as to what had happened was a note left for Luca at his office - "You take one of ours, we take one of yours.” From that moment on, Luca became obsessed with revenge. He quit his job and pulled Topaz out of school, and the two set to work with trying to find the people responsible. They finally found Destine Clan, and spent the next year meticulously planning out their vengeance. It was during this time that Luca adopted the moniker "Taboo."

That plan came to a head in October 2012, when Taboo and Topaz carried out a series of attacks against the Destines. He disappeared following the final attack, and Topaz, refusing to believe Luca would abandon her, assumed he had died.

The dead aren't always as dead as the seem, however, and Taboo is no exception. He reappeared in June 2013 under the guise of reconciling with Topaz, when in reality he was trying to get her away from the mansion in order to trade her for information on the whereabouts of the Destines, and almost succeeded but for a well-time intervention due to Topaz's absence from the mansion being discovered. A furious Amanda Sefton made it quite clear that he was to go nowhere near Topaz again.

Phase 2

Taboo resurfaced in early 2018, revealing that he had walked the Dark Path of the Winding Way, obtaining enough power, he believed, to bring his dead wife back. He used allies on the Way to hire the Destines to kidnap Topaz and deliver them to him, using Clea Lake and Stephen Strange to blackmail Topaz and secure her help in the process. He attempted to use the Destines as sacrifice to bring Alice back to life. He only got as far as killing Albert, however, before Amanda, Wanda Maximoff, and Billy Kaplan showered up, and the Destines broke free. Taboo was nearly killed by Adam, only to be saved by a last second retreat. Topaz informed him that if he ever went near her or the kids again, she would kill him. Unfortunately, the consequences of his actions continued to follow Topaz and the mansion throughout 2018.


Magic user - following Alice's death, Taboo's magics began to descend towards more of a darker variety as his mental state became twisted by grief and the need for vengeance.


Phase 1

Operation: A Hammer To Fall

Somewhere I Belong

Phase 2

Family Reunion


PB: Noah Emmerich

Socked by: Rossi