Escort Duty

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Escort Duty
Dates run: April 26-27
Run By: Dex
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What I wanted to find out is whether or not it looks like you can handle this. So, the question is, do you want to wait to be called or do you want to take the fight to them.

Kevin Sydney takes Clea Lake on her first field mission - to stop human traffickers in Madripoor.


Clea Lake, Kevin Sydney

Tim Dugan


April 26-27

Plot Summary

The decision has been made to give Clea her first taste of fieldwork, travelling with Kevin to Madripoor. Kevin has been getting information that Lui Kwan, a Role Pole for the 14K triad is looking to expand his current sex trafficking trade with mutants for a pair of wealthy Hightown clients. Arriving in Madripoor, they meet with Dum Dum Dugan to discuss the issue. Dugan is able to identify the potential clients; two business magnates with a dark reputation for acquiring women and girls who tend to disappear forever. They have a level of police protection that keeps them from being closely investigated.

Under the cover as the seller of a mutant ‘tourist’, Kevin and Clea meet with Kwan at a house he controls. During a private interview, Kevin kills Kwan, disposes of his body and takes his identity. A remote hack of the man’s phone reveals contact information to set up a meeting and pass the new mutant prize over to the two men.

They arrive at the location, with Clea using her illusion magic to conceal a phone, which is broadcasting the meeting online. During the meeting, Kevin as Kwan is able to make them admit that they intend to rape and eventually kill Clea, mentioning that his disposal services would be required. The police, tipped off about what is going to happen with threats that outweigh their current bribery, break in to arrest all involved. Clea conceals herself via illusion as soon as the police break in and following the hand over of the recording, Kevin creates a distraction to give himself the few seconds he needs to change faces and slip away in the confusion.

The following morning, watching the sunrise, Kevin proposes to Clea that if she wants to continue to do this type of work to talk to Marie-Ange upon her return to the States.

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Escort Duty

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  • This was Clea's first undercover mission and served as a test to become a full member of the X-Force


Plotrunner: Dex