Ulysses Bloodstone

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Ulysses Bloodstone
Ulysses bloodstone.jpg
Portrayed by Mickey Rourke
Known Aliases: The Monster Hunter
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: For Cata!

I can think of about seventeen different things that could naturally create large paw prints that I could also incidentally use to BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH FOR WASTING MY BLOODY TIME!

Dedicated to his personal fame as a reality TV 'monster hunter', Ulysses Bloodstone will go to any lengths to catch his prizes on camera.


Name: Ulysses Bloodstone

Aliases: The Monster Hunter

Occupation: Reality TV star, "monster" hunter

First appearance: August 27, 2015

Family: Unknown


Is a reality T.V. star on a show, “The Legendary Hunts of Bloodstone”. It is best known for his hunts of mythological or monster animals. Most of his show is fabricated and bends the truth, using tricks of the camera. Even if it never shows a mythical creature or a creature of legend, he always leaves the audience wanting more. However, due to M-Day, ratings had dropped and Bloodstone has become obsessed of coming up with something that will save his show. When rumors of large cat living in England surfaced, he believed it to be the Cath Palug and was willing do anything to get this legendary beast on the show. This plan was foiled by three teenagers from a nearby summer camp, who had befriended the cat and used their mutant and magic powers to protect her from the "monster hunter."


Ulysses has a form of healing powers, though on a very small scale. He can heal from minor scrapes and bruises within minutes. Major cuts takes some hours and if he loses any limbs he cannot regrow them (they have to be reattached).


For Cata!


PB: Mickey Rourke

Socked by: Dex