Dial My Number

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Dial My Number
Dates run: September 28 - October 11, 2015
Run By: Tink
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I really need you to get in touch with me because apparently a bunch of ridiculous news sites think I'm a mutant and you know normally I'd just laugh it off. I mean I tried laughing it off but it started spreading to reputable sites and work told me to just wait it out and tow the office line but I've started getting these phone calls and someone spraypainted the door on the satellite office we use and like... I'm a little freaked out, here, okay? Do you know of anywhere I can stay until this blows over or I can get back to my family? Please?

Darcy Lewis' life takes a turn for the confusing when Fox News reveals to the world - and Darcy herself - that she's a mutant.


Darcy Lewis, Clinton Barton, Clarice Ferguson

Dr. Jane Foster


September 28 - October 11, 2015

Plot Summary

When Fox News breaks a story about Darcy Lewis, a staff member for PA democratic rep Ramona Scott, Darcy's life goes downhill fast. Darcy calls her former employer, Jane Foster, freaking out about the situation, and Jane in turn reaches out to old friend Clint Barton to see if she can get any help for Darcy. Jane gives Clint Darcy's number, and Darcy calls Clint begging for help when some stalker-y photos hit her inbox from an unknown sender. Clint and Clarice turn up to help, and Clarice 'ports Darcy to the mansion so she can be safe from the public. Clint, meanwhile, gets Doug's help in scrubbing away all traces of Darcy and her x-gene status from the Internet.

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This was Darcy's intro plot.


Plotrunner: Tink