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Dr. Jane Foster
Portrayed by Natalie Portman
Known Aliases: Doc, Janie
Affiliations: SWORD
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An astrophysicist contracted to work with SWORD to study Einstein-Rosen bridges, it's because of her work with them that she met Thor and became their resident Asgardian expert.


Name: Jane Foster

Aliases: Dr. Foster

Occupation: Astrophysicist, SWORD contractor

First appearance:

Family: Unknown


Jane Foster graduated from Culver University with a doctorate in Astrophysics and began studying a mysterious weather event that she believed was linked to an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Her research drew the attention of SWORD, a branch of SHIELD dealing with otherworldly threats to Earth. Believing she would be a valuable asset, Fury contracted her to continue her studies with SHIELD funding and supervision. She met Thor through her work, becoming romantically involved with him and, thanks to that connection, quickly became one of Earth's foremost experts on all things Asgardian.

In September 2015, following her outing as a mutant by the media, Jean's former intern, Darcy Lewis sought Jane's help. Jane contacted her old associate from SHIELD, Clinton Barton, and arranged for her to be given refuge.




Dial My Number


A version of Jane Foster appeared briefly (and was killed off) in the Phase 1 plot, Sonatorrek, however she and Thor had no interactions and he does not remember her.

PB: Natalie Portman

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