Dr. Pierre Marcel

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Pierre Marcel
Portrayed by Jeremy Irons
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Yvette Petrovic
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: March 7, 2007

Formerly with Medicans Sans Frontiers, Dr. Marcel delivered and named Yvette in a refugee camp. Tracked down by Kurt, he continues his humanitarian work despite his 'retirement' and takes an active interest in Yvette's progress.


Name: Dr. Pierre Marcel

Aliases: None

Occupation: Medical doctor with Medicans Sans Frontiers

First appearance: March 7, 2007

Family: Wife: Amelie. Children: Henri (son-in-law) and Monique (daughter). Grandchild: Pierre Jnr.


Dr. Marcel volunteered with Medicans Sans Frontiers for most of his career, alternating 'tours' in various international crisis points with stints a small joint practice in Marseilles. Predominantly a pediatric and gynecological specialist, he was sent to the former Yugoslavia when war broke out. He was in his mid-thirties at the time. It was there he met Eva Petrovic and delivered her baby, who was a month premature and very small. Eva asked Dr. Marcel to name the child and he chose the name Yvette.

Since that time, he has worked in many other parts of the world. In 2002, whilst in Somalia at the time of the first round of armed conflict there, he was shot several times and now walks with a permanent limp. At the insistence of his wife following his recovery, he scaled back his activities with the organisation and reduced his overseas travel. In 2006, he 'retired' from active service entirely and now concentrates on his practice.

In 2007, after being traced and contacted by Kurt Sefton following Yvette speaking about the doctor who had been kind to a small child in an aid camp, Dr. Marcel visited the school, pleased to discover that one of 'his' children had found a safe place.

Dr. Marcel is a passionate, dedicated doctor, devoted to children and determined to do what he can to counter injustice and suffering. Since his retirement from active participation in Medicans Sans Frontiers, he has been involved in many human rights organisations, such as Amnesty International. Following his meeting with Yvette and hearing of her abduction and sale, he came out of retirement to work with Amnesty International on a more regular basis. It was in this role that he met with Elpis representatives in Kosovo during a conference on child slavery, revealing information that members of the ring responsible for Yvette's abduction had been identified. When things went wrong, it was Marcel who was able to patch up Laurie Collins and smooth things over somewhat with the local police.

In 2009, Dr. Marcel acted as a supervisor to the Red X kids while they were working in Bosnia-Herzogovina. After Yvette was seriously injured, he arranged to have her transferred to the hospital.


No powers - baseline human. Skilled medical doctor, with emphasis on pediatrics and childbirth.


Razor's Edge

Face The Blood


PB: Jeremy Irons

Socked by: Rossi