Eliane Courchesne

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Elaine Courchesne
Portrayed by Corbis.com
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Xavier Institute - Grad student
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom

Eliane Courchesne came to the mansion when she manifested as a pyrokinetic. Her parents decided that their daughter needed help to get her ability under control; her brother had other ideas. Following her graduation from high school in 2008, Elaine enrolled in university and remains a resident of the Institute.


Name: Eliane Courchesne

Aliases: None

Occupation: Student

First appearance: X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom

Family: Benoit Courchesne (father), Dorianne Courchesne (mother), Fabrice Courchesne (older brother)


Living with her family outside Toulouse, Eliane manifested a pyrokinetic ability and almost immediately began to have difficulty controlling it. Her brother, Fabrice, who had a combination of physical mutations, believed that he could help her learn control, as he had done so successfully himself. Their parents disagreed and got in contact with Charles Xavier, expressing interest in enrolling Eliane at the school.

Sensing that there was something complex about the situation, Charles sent Scott Summers to pick up the new student, advising him to take some of the other X-Men with him. They found Eliane and her parents both uncertain about the school, but were well-along in soothing that uncertainty when Fabrice arrived home and flew into a tantrum at the idea of his sister being 'taken away'. He attacked Scott, leaving Kurt Wagner and Sam Guthrie to prevent him from doing any further damage. Eliane stepped in, scolding her brother until he was suitably contrite, and then got on the Blackbird with no further ado.

Since coming to the school, Eliane has adapted relatively well to American culture. She is a decent student, if not an enthusiastic one, and dated a boy from the local high school, having discovered that it is indeed good to be a (literally) hot foreign redhead. She also cherishes a heartfelt if completely unrequited crush on John Allerdyce.

Following her graduation from high school in 2008, Elaine enrolled in university and remains a resident of the Institute.


Eliane is a strong pyrokinetic, able to both generate and control flame. Like many energy-projectors, her power is directly linked to her emotional state. Given that she's French, this has proved to be something of a challenge for her during her training.


X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom


PB: Corbis.com

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Formerly socked by Alicia