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Reading X-Project

As a reader, how can I follow the game? Do I have to friend all those journals?

To make things easier for people to just read along with the game, we've created a community that has friended every character journal and every community. To follow the action, go to the friends list of xp_friends.

What's with all these communities?

There are 4 IC communities and 2 OOC "meta" communities in X-Project.

The Comms page gives a full explanation of things, but basically the IC comms cater to the various levels of the game: the Institute, the various teams, Generation X, and the staff/medical staff - while x_logs is for the posting of logs and x_communication is for in-game emails, snail mail, SMS messages, etc.

x_project is the OOC comm for readers and players to interact and XPP is the player-only OOC comm for game discussion.

What are all these in-jokes about? Field trip curses and the rest?

If there's something you don't understand being said in-game, it's likely there's a Wiki entry somewhere to explain it. The Glossary contains a lot of them, and if it's something in relation to a specific character try looking at their character page, especially the "Trivia" sections.

I really liked a log! How do I feedback?

For players, feedback posted as comments to logs is welcome.x_project is a venue for more detailed public feedback, and acknowledgments from plotrunners to their players, etc. Also, each player has a link under their Wiki profile to a feedback page.

If a you see a problem in the log, the matter should preferably be pursued via email with the player, especially if the plot is ongoing, as a courtesy.