Fear Lords

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Fear Lords
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Fear Eater, Dark Man, Straw Man, Aarkus
Affiliations: Nightmare
Socked By: Jen, Mackinzie, Nichole
Introduction: Don't Close Your Eyes

A group of disparate individuals, gathered together by Nightmare to act as his representatives in the physical world.

First Appearance

July 1, 2011


Kal Lakkus/Fear Eater
Kal Lakku was born in the country of Estonia. His family moved to Brooklyn when he was 7 and he grew up on the streets, learning he had to be tough to survive. He discovered at the age of 16 that people's fear made him super strong and unbreakable. Therefore, he joined the mob and became addicted to the thrill of the strength that came with exacting fear. His mind, being very malleable and a little dense, was easily warped by Nightmare, who promised him the fear he sought if he helped the mastermind attain his goals. He is Nightmare’s left hand man. Fear Eater's strength and invulnerability are directly correlated to how much fear he absorbs. The more afraid people are of him or someone else, the stronger and thicker his skin gets. As the fear abates in a room, Fear Eater returns to the strength and durability of a normal man who engages in heavy weight lifting. He takes delight in picking on the weak.

PB: Vin Diesel, socked by Mackinzie

Vince Hannigan/Dark Man - deceased
Vince Hannigan was a smart guy who could control machines and did it very well. He also got into fighting in underground fighting matches, but would often lose. All of the less than noble activities angered his wife, Desiree, and she left him. He began to have horrible nightmares about his wife’s death and ran into Kal Lakku, who told him he had to work for his boss, a man named Edvard Haberdash, who was creating the nightmares. They told him they had kidnapped his wife and would kill her unless he helped them. Hannigan has extensive knowledge of machinery and knows his way around many systems, however he is not as skilled as multitasking very well and must focus deeply if more than one things are happening at once. He has been studying the mansion's systems for a couple of months through information supplied by Nightmare spying on Jean and is capable of writing computer programs and building items through his mechanical engineering degree earned at ESU. Hannigan doesn't know it, but his wife is already dead, killed by Fear Eater.

PB: None, Socked by Nichole

Skylar Corvus/Straw Man
Skylar Corvus was an painting restorer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He discovered his ability to animate items or people from any painting, picture, or image later in life and was frankly delighted. Unrelated to his abilities, he got cocky on his restorative skills and was fired. The very night he was let go his boss was murdered. He was approached by a man named Kal Lakku, who claimed he would get implemented for the murder if he didn't help him. Corvus is able to create startlingly realistic illusions of people from their picture down to sight and sound, but can only remain as long as Corvus can concentrate on them. Once his concentration is shattered the image will disappear. He can only animate one item or thing at a time, and generally prefers people or objects. He cannot animate anything bigger than a horse (and even then a horse is pushing it). These people are not solid, but he has learned to 'wear' them by wrapping the image around himself like a suit and manipulating the space around him to hide any tell tale marks.

PB: Keifer Sutherland, socked by Jen

Markham Erikson/Aarkus
Markham Erickson was a former police officer, but got corrupted by money and greed and amassed quite a gambling debt. He was let go, and found by Vince Hannigan and Kal Lakku, given an offer he couldn't refuse in exchange for a ton of money. Erickson is capable of teleporting up to three other people at a time and has a range of about a mile for multiple passengers, and three miles for just himself. Teleporting more than two people at a time tires him out easily and he needs up to 15 minutes per "jump" if teleporting more than two people. If less than two people (including himself), he needs about 7 minutes, and if its just himself he needs a couple of minutes. He does not need to see where he is going in line of sight, though he does need to have seen a picture of it in order to visualize where the place is.

PB: Paul Thomas Anderson


A mis-matched group of volunteers (such as Fear-Eater) and conscripts (by means of threats to family members and blackmail) chosen for their skills, Nightmare's group of 'minions' acted as his hands during the invasion of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Not all of them were comfortable with the job, but they were all afraid of Nightmare and what he might do.

During the invasion, the technopath, Dark Man, was killed by Fear Eater after setting the bomb that was to be the back up plan. Straw Man and Aarkus both fled following confrontations with the X-Men as they began to escape, and Fear-Eater was taken into custody after he collapsed when his connection to Nightmare - which was sustaining his powers - was cut.


Don't Close Your Eyes


Socked by: Jen, Mackinzie, Nichole