Flight of the Valkyrie

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Flight of the Valkyrie
Dates run: August 22-23, 2017
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: of the Valkyrie

I require an audience with the professor and all of those who have visited Asgard. If you're not too busy.

Another plot by Loki against his brother Thor results in certain mutants being caught in the middle - and the "return" of someone thought lost.


Garrison Kane, Amanda Sefton, Angelo Espinosa, Doug Ramsey, Jubilation Lee, Marie-Ange Colbert, Molly Hayes, Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson, Illyana Rasputin

Valkyrie, Hela, the Disir


August 22-23, 2017

Plot Summary

In the time of legend, the first Valkyries were not the shepherds of the fallen to Valhalla, but instead, the mead maidens of Bor Burison, the ruler of Asgard. They populated his great hall, serving the other gods and their master for the cycle of an Age. One of Bor’s rules was that his Valkyrie were to remain untouched; virgin servants who would take no lovers and bare no children. Unfortunately, Brün, one of the handmaidens had fallen for Sigurd, Bor’s most powerful warchief. Sigurd was powerful, handsome, and a skilled manipulator, able to convince Brün to forsake her vows. Encouraging Bor to lead a mass hunting party and let him mind the Great Hall, Sigurd and his men took advantage of his absence, leading to a drunken, debauched party in which many other of the Valkyrie took lovers.

Bor returned unexpectedly early. Sigurd’s scouts warned him and his war party fled from the Great Hall. But there was no escape or way to hide for the Valkyrie. Bor separated them into two groups; those who had broken their vows and those who did not, but allowed the incident to take place. For those who had not taken lovers, he decreed that theirs would now be a life transporting the souls of the fallen to Valhalla, so that they might experience and mourn the pain and violence of death eternally. To those who had taken lovers, his curse was more terrible. He cursed them to hunger endlessly for the taste of the flesh that they had enjoyed, unable to slake their need on any but gods, of which they could not hope to defeat. They were to roam like ghosts in Asgard, a sign of Bor’s displeasure. For their fallen sisters, the Valkyrie dubbed them Disir, and longed for a way to end their suffering.

Since the upheavals in Asgard following Thor’s return to his memories, his brother Loki continued to plot, preying on the uncertainty of the All-Father whether to fully restore his son as god and Heir to the throne. He is well acquainted with the ancient Disir, who for centuries have lingered near the entry to his daughter’s realm of Hel, drawn by the smell of the warriors who earn the god flesh of eternal life, but unable to follow them further. Through the use of his Norn Stones, Loki is able to make a portal to Midgard which allows the Disir to nullify Bor’s curse long enough to travel through.

Unfortunately for them, their Asgardian form continues on Earth, leaving them completely insubstantial to everyone but Asgardians. Worse, there is only one god they can sense, and the lack makes their ravenous hunger sharper and feral. They set out with only one target in mind, to find Thor and tear him apart for their fest. However, the Valkyrie have never forgotten their sisters, and sensing Loki’s meddling, send one of their own to stop the Disir and return them to Asgard. Needing allies, Valkyrie lands at the mansion to raise a warband to stop the Disir.

Because of their interactions with Asgard, several of the people in the mansion retain an aura that allows them to interact and directly challenge the Disir physically. Oddly enough, this aura also applies to Illyana. Valkyrie, revealed as none other than Paige Guthrie, explained that the defeated Disir can be bound to a person with the Asgard aura and brought back. The Valkyries have decided to petition Hel to remove the curse, as Bor’s curse has made them spirits tied to death. Unfortunately, binding the Disir will inflict physical damage as the curse will try and consume the person. Paige is not at all slightly enjoying the fact that despite never being to Asgard, Garrison’s ‘catch’ of Mjolnir has given them the same aura and his healing factor will allow him to survive the Disir being bound to him.

The war party tracked the Disir, catching up with them only a few kilometres from Triskalion, in the middle of Central Park. With only mutant powers and Asgardian weapons, they challenged and defeated the Disir, binding them to Garrison. The fierce battle takes place with them mystical nature making the fight seem like insubstantial ghosts to the people present.

The portal back transported them to the opening to Hel, where they made the trek to Hela’s home, fighting through the strange creatures and hostile environment to reach it. Once there, Hela met and confirmed that, indeed, she knows how to alter the curse on the Disir, but there is a price. Bor’s curse demanded they serve, so while they can be restored to Valkyrie, they will serve her from Hel. The newly arrived Valkyrie with Brunhilde at the lead angrily challenge Hela’s price. However, Brün offers herself and her three closest as servants to Hela if she will free the rest. Hela agreed, using a complex binding spell on the four, which seems impossibly familiar to Illyana. Hela then touched the Russian girl’s shoulder, opening her up to access Hela’s deep pools of mystical energy. Eyes glowing, Illyana swung the Soulsword through the Disir, disconnecting them from Garrison and restoring them to their Valkyrie forms. However, Brün and her three sisters were bound to Hela. The rest were free to return with the Valkyries and the mansion residents were teleported home.

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The plot included the remaining characters from the original Asgard plot (Amanda, Doug, Jubilee and Marie-Ange), plus those who were trapped in Asgard during The Thralls of Asgard plot (Molly, Tandy and Ty).

Ty discovered his ability to transport others via his shadow dimension as a result of this plot.

Due to the potential for ending the world, Valkyrie's former identity as Paige Guthrie cannot be communicated to non-P1 characters.


Plotrunner: Dex