Ganke Lee

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Ganke Lee
Portrayed by Jacob Batalon
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Miles Morales
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: October 20, 2015
Miles Morales' best friend for life, LEGO enthusiast, and sidekick extraordinaire.


Name: Ganke Lee

Aliases: None

Occupation: Student (senior at Brooklyn Visions Academy)

First appearance: October 20, 2015

Family: Mother


Miles' best friend and neighbor since childhood. Ganke was the first person Miles told he was a mutant, and also the one who convinced him to become the second Spider-Man. Ganke likes to think of himself as the Oracle to Miles’ Batman, the season 1 Willow to his Buffy, the Wallace to his Scott Pilgrim. None of these comparisons is particularly apt; he’s just a nerd with a computer, strong wifi, and good Googling skills. Nonetheless, Ganke regularly offers good insight and strategy to Miles, who would probably be lost without him.

Ganke and Miles plan to attend Columbia University together starting in the fall of 2017, and hope to be roommates again.


Baseline human.


Something Slender This Way Comes


PB: Jacob Batalon

Socked by: Ben