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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the NPCs. For other uses, see HYDRA (disambiguation).

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Cut off one head, and two more shall grow in its place.

Formerly a Nazi terrorist/military organization bent on world domination, HYDRA was dismantled by Captain America and his Howling Commandos in 1945. However, the seeds of a new version are growing in secret.

First Appearance

July 2015


Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull - MIA
Red skull.jpg
A German physicist with an interest in the occult, Schmidt headed Hitler's Special Weapons Division. He was the first of the Project SuperSoldier experiments, the process leaving him deformed and coining his new name, "The Red Skull". Schmidt's ambition was wider than the Nazis' and when he obtained an artifact of immense power attempted to use it to overthrow Hitler and have HYDRA become a world power. He was believed killed in combat with Captain America when sucked into a portal opened by the artifact in 1945. Based on information from the MCU Wikia

PB: Hugo Weaving

Arnim Zola - deceased
A Swiss scientist recruited by Johann Schmidt in 1934, Zola was the mastermind behind HYDRA's weapons program, specifically exo-skeleton battle suits and high tech weaponry. He was captured by the Howling Commandos in 1944 and eventually recruited to SHIELD as part of "Operation Paperclip". His loyalties remained with HYDRA, however, and he was able to becoming involved in a number of secret projects, including with the Russians. He died of cancer in 1972. Based on information from the MCU Wikia

PB: Andre Sogliuzzo

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Phase 2

HYDRA was a Nazi terrorist/military organization bent on world domination. It was founded by Johann Schmidt shortly after Hitler’s ascension to power in Germany, as the scientific branch of the Nazi Schutzstaffel. Its main purpose was to create advanced weaponry for the German military, but over time, members of HYDRA became loyal only to Schmidt himself. At the beginning of World War II, HYDRA still fought for the Nazi cause, but in 1943, Schmidt separated HYDRA from Nazi Germany to start his own conquest.

HYDRA appeared to have been dismantled by Captain America and his Howling Commandos in 1945, with the death of Schmidt at the Captain’s hands, followed by the apparent death of the Captain himself during an emergency crash-landing of a HYDRA experimental weapon. After World War II ended, several HYDRA scientists, including Schmidt’s second-in-command Arnim Zola, were recruited by American agencies to work for the USA (and to deny their talents to the USSR). Zola eventually found himself at SHIELD, where he worked until his death in 1972. Unbeknownst to his handlers, Zola was able to continue his work for HYDRA under the auspices of SHIELD itself, even continuing his work on Project Winter Soldier and Project Black Widow for the Russians.

A 'new' terrorist group calling itself HYDRA came to the intelligence community’s attention in the late 1970s. It’s been found to have ties to several despotic regimes, many of them originally brought to power by American meddling (eg, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pinochet in Chile). There is no direct evidence to connect this organization to the Nazi-era group, although most intelligence agencies assume so. The existence of this new HYDRA is not known to the public.

The new HYDRA is suspected to have several corporate fronts. One of them (the connection to HYDRA unestablished and unknown) is the pharmaceutical company McMannister and Pratt, which has headquarters in San Diego, Seoul, and Berlin. McMannister and Pratt specializes in gene therapy, with a particular interest in the nervous system and neurodegenerative diseases.

HYDRA is suspected to be behind the abduction and experimentation on David North, however no evidence was found beyond an interest in the Project SuperSoldier serum.


Phase 2



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