Hardy Family

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Hardy Family
Portrayed by N/A and Catherine Deneuve
Known Aliases: The Cat and none
Socked By: Aisy

The Walter and Lydia are the parents of Felicia Hardy. While Walter passed over ten years ago, Lydia is still around to torment her daughter and constantly question regarding why she has not married Warren Worthington yet.


First appearance: N/A

Walter Hardy
father, deceased
A loving family man and an art dealer by day, Walter was a professional art thief who passed on his trade to his daughter, with whom he was very close. He was betrayed by an employer and killed when Felicia was in high school, leaving her to take over "the family business."

PB: None

Lydia Hardy
A non-profit event and funding coordinator, Lydia is a minor socialite, assuring that her daughter grew up in the same spotlight. She's good at her job and overall a caring mother, even if she does keep asking when Felicia plans on marrying Warren Worthington.

PB: Catherine Deneuve


Phase 2

Walter and Lydia met overseas, at a charity event Lydia was running. While they were a well off family, and Felicia never wanted for anything in her life, Walter made sure to instill in his daughter that she had to work hard and be the best at everything she did. While Walter's second life as an art thief was never spoken of, it was hardly a secret, and when he realized his daughter shared his talents he began training her. Walter's death was a blow to the family, and one Felicia promised to avenge.

Lydia is still kicking around today, running her charity events and being a general nuisance (although she sees it as being a loving mother) to her daughter.


Phase 2



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