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The Hellions - deceased
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Massachusetts Academy
Socked By: None
Introduction: Pre-Game

The Hellions were the original students of Emma Frost, at the prestigious Massachusetts Academy.


  • Brainiac; hyper intelligence
  • Mike; super dense skin
  • Connie; powers unknown
  • Anna; powers unknown
  • Davie; powers unknown


The Massachusetts Academy, overseen by Emma Frost, was a boarding school for the social elite. While not specifically catering to mutants, a number of the school's mutant students banded together with Emma's approval to form a group called the Hellions, a vigilante group that would occasionally commit acts of harassment to disrupt anti-mutant groups and activities. While not a well-trained team like the X-Men, the Hellions were a tightly-knit group of students who believed in using any means at their disposal to aid the mutant cause. Little is known about them specifically, as the surviving member Haroun al-Rashid spoke seldom of that time.

In early 2002, the Hellions came to the attention of Donald Pierce, an accomplished robotics developer with a hatred of mutants and a vicious grudge against Emma Frost. Using a prototype Sentinel that he had developed while working for Emma, Pierce orchestrated an attack against the Academy, killing the majority of the students and all but one of the Hellions. After this attack, Emma was left in a brief coma, and the only surviving Hellion, Haroun, eventually made his way to Xavier's school and became a member of the X-Men.