I'll Be Home

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I'll Be Home
Dates run: February 9-10, 2011
Run By: Craig
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Part 9 of Wayward Sons.

We believe we have found Nick, but he... is amnesiac.

Julian and Kurt's attempts to head out west to visit family are brought up short by the last person they expected to see at an airport.


Kurt Sefton, Julian Keller, Nicholas Gleason


February 9-10, 2011

Plot Summary

Although grounded to the school after the events of There Will Be Peace, Julian places a request in to the Professor to visit home for a few days over the holidays. Eventually the Professor agrees to allow Julian to leave on the trip, provided that he is chaperoned both to and from the airport by a member of the school’s faculty. Being around the mansion at the time, Kurt agrees.

However, Julian never gets on the flight. As the two begin to make their way towards security, Julian and Kurt witness a small, private plane on the runway as its brakes slip during landing and skids off. The de-icing crew apparently missed a patch during the freezing December conditions in New York. Julian and Kurt both jump into damage control, as Kurt grabs the boy and teleports out to help the victims. Fortunately, the only accident victims on the plane have only sustained minor bumps and bruises. Kurt and Julian have worked together to begin escorting those that do need a quick medical check-up out of the plane by the time the paramedics arrive on-scene.

But as Julian and Kurt go to greet the medical crew, they’re in for a shock. One of the first responders in the back looks very familiar. After giving vague responses to the paramedic in charge, they move towards the back where their suspicions seem to be confirmed, they’re looking at Nicholas Gleason. But there’s one problem, Nick doesn’t recognize either of them.

Julian and Kurt, still a bit in shock help the response crew finish their clean-up and eventually get Nick, or “John” as he calls himself to agree to meet with them for lunch afterward in the city under the rouse of wanting to thank the crew for their rescue efforts and stating that he reminds them of a friend. During the sit-down, the boy explains to them that he’s been in the city for about 4 months, but the time before then has been very blurry for him, much to his embarrassment. He says that the first thing he remembers is wondering down a back alley in just shorts and being taken in by a woman running a homeless shelter. After hearing his story, Julian and Kurt feel even more confident that they’re talking to Nick and begin to push forward with their insisting that they knew him before. "John" waves them off and as they become more insistent he gets up to leave, but Kurt continues to try and convince him. Nick is still a bit shaken up, but says that he hasn’t been completely honest with them. He actually remembered a little bit before the alleyway. He remembered waking up on a metal table with medical equipment all around him. He was obviously shaken up by when he woke up and began to pull away, but found out he was strapped to the bed. As he felt more and more panicked he felt as if something took over him and that he grew in size and strength. Suddenly he was able to pull away from the bed, and even to knock down a small door at the side of the room, finding himself in an alleyway and running at incredible speeds. But before he knew what was going on, he was back to his normal self. Overwhelmed with joy, Kurt rushes forward and hugs the boy, now confirmed to be his adopted son. But Nick is still a bit hesitant. After talking to him awhile more to calm him down, Kurt tells the boy that he isn’t crazy or hallucinating, that he was in fact a mutant and that, up until a few months ago, had lived in a mansion full of other mutants not far from the city. Nick is hesitant at first, but then seems to accept the fact that it’s not any crazier than the drug addict story. It takes Kurt several other showings of the picture, but he eventually gets Nick to agree to at least come back to the mansion with them the next day.

Back at the mansion, Kurt hopes that Nick’s old room with jog his memory, but the boy still seems to be just as confused. After a quick hug and a brief meeting with the Professor, Kurt leaves him in his room after an exhausting day, where Nick finds himself alone with pictures and items from a life he does not remember.

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  • Due to Nick's trauma, Professor Xavier and the other telepaths did not do any deep brain scans in fear of any potential damage.


Plotrunner: Craig

Originally titled "I'll Be Home for Christmas", the plot was pushed back due to complications of life, and was hence retitled.