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Dates run: June 17-18, 2007
Run By: Ben
Read the logs: Krakoa

"Whatever they stuck out here on this island, it's something they're scared of. We are in it deep, deep as it gets."

When the Japanese government requests the X-Men's assistance with a sensitive issue, Juggernaut, Blink, and Sunfire discover that the sins of the past are not always easily buried.


Juggernaut, Blink, Sunfire

Zu Zhou


June 17-18, 2007

Plot Summary

In 1941, during the Second World War, Japan instituted a number of secret camps, where prisoners of war and other political and social undesirables were subjected to numerous atrocities and medical experiments. After the war, many of these camps remained undocumented and undiscovered.

In June of 2007, the Japanese government contacted Charles Xavier, explaining that they had a 'mutant situation' on a restricted island. Unable to directly contact the mutant with Cerebro, Xavier was able to confirm his location and a team of X-Men was dispatched. However, the Japanese government had also informed the X-Men that the island was a biological hazard, one from which a humanitarian aid team had not returned. Because of this, the field team was made up of Juggernaut (who would be immune to nearly any biological contamination), Blink (as medical support and an instantaneous evacuation if necessary) and Sunfire (whose plasma powers could burn away any biochemical contamination).

With Shiro acting as translator and liaison with the Japanese government, the team was sent by boat to the island, a place not identified on any maps, and simply named 'Krakoa'. Immediately upon arrival, the team discovered two shocking sights: the first was the "humanitarian aid team", who turned out to be Japanese military, all horribly dead from the reputed "bioweapon". The second surprise was an unexploded microwave bomb, apparently designed to kill every living organism on the island.

After a quick reconnaissance, Cain came to the conclusion that the island was likely meant as a prison, possibly dating back over sixty years. Almost immediately after voicing the guess, the X-Men were confronted by Zu Zhou, the island's only inhabitant and the mutant in question. Despite the language barrier, Shiro was able to determine that not only had Zu been a Chinese prisoner of war, but that Krakoa was the final prison for a number of inmates of Unit 731, an infamous wartime concentration camp.

Zhou presented Shiro with documentation that he had stolen when he had been deposited on the island in 1945, undeniable proof of what had transpired sixty-two years earlier. When offered his freedom, Zu instead expressed his wish to be freed of his torment, as his mutant power, twisted and manipulated by the scientists of Unit 731, had made him into a walking instrument of horrible death, yet tragically surviving despite his condition.

Cain refused to make the decision to leave Zu behind without the full agreement of his teammates. Clarice and Shiro agreed with the difficult decision to grant Zu Zhou his wish, and prepared to exit the island with the bodies of the Japanese team. Before stepping through one of Clarice's portals, Shiro bid Zu Zhou an honorable farewell and used his plasma powers to detonate the microwave bomb.

Immediately the group was teleported back to their rendezvous point in Okinawa. Clarice, exhausted from the overexertion of her power, nearly collapsed while Shiro angrily confronted the Japanese general behind their mission and vowed that despite decades of denials, the world would know what his government had done during the war, and of the dishonor involved in the cover-ups.

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The cut-tags for the plot are taken from Bruce Dickinson's "Breeding House", a song about the real-life horrors of Unit 731.


Unit 731 was a real unit of the Imperial Japanese Army, responsible for numerous instances of human experimentation during the Second World War. During the following war trials, less than a dozen members of the unit were actually charged with any crimes. Many of them went on to work with the US and Soviet governments during the Cold War, without any formal reparations for their part in the atrocities.

Plotrunner: Ben