Libri Veritatum

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Libri Veritatum
Dates run: August 2-5, 2006
Run By: Avital
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"The eternal naivete of the young. You've made many choices, Marie. You'll make many more. But every choice sacrifices a freedom, and that is something you have yet to learn."

A mysterious letter draw Marie back to Meridian where she discovers that her past isn’t as clear as she thought and she receives a book that could impact her future.


Marie D'Ancato, Logan, Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert

Irene Adler, D’Ancato Family


August 2-5, 2006

Plot Summary

Marie recieved a page of undecipherable words and pictures from Meridian, though she’d had no contact with her family or anyone there since the army experimented on her. Taking the letter to Nathan, he helped decipher some of the text, which suspiciously sounded like prophecies. Deciding that she needed to go home to investigate, Marie emailed Logan and got him to go with her, just in case the page was some kind of trap.

During the flight to Meridian, Logan pointed out that Marie didn’t think through the trip and has not prepared for what might be ahead. The reunion started off well until Marie realized her parents knew she was coming. They then proceed to drop a bombshell on her – they adopted her when a mysterious woman brought her to their door seventeen years before. The D'Ancatos then tell her that the same woman came by earlier and told them that Marie would be coming for a visit. When she collapsed from the stress, Marie spotted a handkerchief on the floor. Logan used it to track Irene, who was far from surprised when they found her. Irene also had a few choice words for them, though even these are carefully cloaked in mystery. Irene’s words eventually enraged Logan, but Marie stopped him from attacking her. In the brief scuffle, Irene disappeared, leaving Marie with the diary.

While in Mississippi, Marie visited Cody before returning to Westchester. The day she got back, Marie took the diary to show Doug, hoping he would be able to help her make sense of it. He realized they could benefit from Marie-Ange’s expertise, despite the awkwardness of involving his ex-girlfriend. They discovered that some of the prophecies the book contained imply that there are more diaries in existence and that other people are after them.

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The mention of Schrodinger’s cat will still set Marie off.

Due to the events of this plot, Angelo re-promised Marie to kill her if she ever loses control of her powers.


Plotrunner: Avital

Some players contributed prophecies that related to actual plots they planned on running in the future.

This plot was proposed before Marie-Ange and Doug broke up and Doug asked Marie out on a date and the ensuing interpersonal complexity that added to the plot.