D’Ancato Family

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D'Ancato Family
Portrayed by John Nelles and Donna Goodhand
Known Aliases: Nick and Sharon D'Ancato
Affiliations: Marie D'Ancato
Socked By: Sockers required
Introduction: August 3, 2006

The D’Ancatos adopted Marie D'Ancato when Irene Adler dropped the toddler off at their door.


First appearance: X2, August 3, 2006

Nick Ancato
Nick d'ancato.jpg
Nick is a tall man in his mid 40s with brown hair and brown eyes. Family is very important to him, though that’s sometimes hard to tell from his quiet and withdrawn demeanor.

PB: John Nelles

Sharon Ancato
Sharon is a slightly overweight, dark haired woman in her mid 40s with a very pronounced Southern accent. She was born and raised in Meridian, marrying her high school sweetheart.

PB: Donna Goodhand

Other Relatives: Carrie D’Ancato (paternal aunt)


Phase 1

An ordinary family from the Deep South, Nick and Sharon were high school sweethearts who married upon graduation. They were devestated to find they were unable to have children, and when Irene Adler appeared on their doorstep one day with a toddler she told them they had to adopt, they only hesitated for a short time before taking the little girl in and raising her as their own.

When Marie manifested as a mutant, almost killing her boyfriend Cody Robbins, the D'Ancatos reacted with fear and confusion, but tried to help their daughter as best they could. When she ran away, they were heartbroken, and overjoyed when she made contact with them again after winding up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

When the D’Ancatos told Marie she was adopted, she reacted poorly, hurting them deeply by cutting off all contact with them once again. They invited her home for Thanksgiving in 2006 and were very happy when she decided to attend, despite her reluctance.

Their relationship continues to be difficult, partly due to Marie's long absences.

Phase 2


Phase 1


Libri Veritatum

Phase 2


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Formerly socked by: Avital

Some names and characteristics may have changed for this family from the representation used by Marie’s previous player.