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MoA Bevatron.png
Moment of Awesome - Jean-Phillipe Colbert/Bevatron: Jean-Phillipe faces his greatest fear - his past with the Brotherhood of Mutants coming back to wreck havoc on those he loves.

The mansion was in ruins.

Jean-Phillipe came to in the long hallway that led to Cerebro. There was a disjointedness, that sense of not knowing how you had come to be in a place, but that was washed away immediately by a loud guttural roar - a distinct sound that the Frenchman knew all too well. Sabretooth was somewhere nearby.

His other senses caught up in succession, his brain filling in gaps. A haze of ruby red light that ebbed and flared - Cyclops firing a rapid series of optic blasts. Coppery wetness in his mouth - blood. A concussion would explain why he couldn't...

And then his nose twitched. A tinge of ozone, but not the one he was used to from use of his own power. Still, it was extremely familiar, combining with the other stimuli to a conclusion he had hoped never to come to.

Magneto and the Brotherhood had invaded the mansion.

As he staggered to his feet, he could see Cyclops and Magneto, battling to what seemed to be a standstill. Cyclops using ricocheting optic blasts to keep Magneto guessing from what direction the next attack would come from, but Magneto keeping shards of metal whizzing toward Scott. Both of the men looked extremely ragged, like the next one of them to make a mistake was likely to fall victim to the other.

"Damn you, Erik," Jean-Phillipe muttered. "Damn you for making me choose between you." The man who had taken him in and taught him how to master his power, versus the man who taught him how to be a good person. His first idol, and his current one. But before he could choose between the two and tip the scales...

"Hey Frenchy!"

What a scene playing out in front of her. A weird messed up family reunion being played in another's head. Lorna didn't want to question the mind of Jean-Phillipe but she was glad that no one saw hers. "Hey Jean-Phillipe!" Lorna called out again, this time using his name.

It wasn't Lorna's voice that he heard though, but Victor Creed's. "Since you picked a side, you little frog, I thought I'd give you another choice to make," the feral mutant's voice rumbled. As Jean-Phillipe turned, he could see what Sabretooth meant. Angelo and Marie-Ange, his husband and his cousin, both bruised, bloody, and tied roughly to a wall. Marie-Ange was blindfolded, which meant they had clearly remembered the information he had passed on to them before his change of heart. His fists clenched as Sabretooth's sadistic chuckle reverberated almost subsonically.

"What I wanna know is..." Claws ran slowly down first one chest, then the other, leaving a small trickle of blood behind. Just enough to heighten the fear. He knew how Creed's mind, such as it was, worked.

"Which one should I gut first? Your hubby, or your cousin? I always did have a weakness for redheads..."

Today in XProject:

July 13

2003: Rahne is concerned about Pete looking run down and unwell.

2004: Pete offers Domino freelance work with him and John Cully. Angelo and Illyana trade barbs. Betsy confronts Nathan about Mistra and his fears and he turns various plants into glass. Jean-Paul "Northstar" Beaubier arrives at the school as a teacher. Sarah plays a prank involving pasting photos of Betsy modelling days around the mansion and gives Manuel a wiggins.

2005: Stigmata: Forge spends some time in the medlab spilling his guts to a non-responsive Paige. Lorna and Alex continue to plan for Hawaii and schedule a short trip to look at apartments. Manuel and Wanda talk, mostly about his reaction to Rachel. Betsy finds Jean at Harry's and they talk a little and play pool.

2006: Forge has his final meeting with the professor and decides what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Ororo finds Marie moping and comforts her, and later Scott takes Marie for a drive. Jennie meets with her father, who invites her to come spend time with him in Europe. She tells this to Crystal later that night, when the latter returns home from San Diego and finds Marius has left. Remy discusses Wanda's new job with her. Paige is delighted that she came back from San Diego unscathed. And Scott finally talks to Haller, who is still not himself.

2007: Jan and Laurie go shopping. Rumours spread throughout the school that Jennie is pregnant to Marius - after a suitably amusing interval during which there are many confused emails and posts, it's revealed that it's the hamster Jennie who is pregnant. Laurie and Garrison have their first advanced hand to hand session. Great Rift: Nathan emails Ororo about an African Elpis mission. Scott and Kurt discuss Kurt's quest to get his GED and get a teaching degree. Cain praises Jennie on her Danger Room breaking capabilities. Sound of Silence: Forge decides to become an Attilan citizen. Marie-Ange receives some work and Doug trains with Remy and it's obvious things are not well with the Cajun; Marie-Ange and Doug decide to join Amanda and Angelo in North Carolina. Sofia emails Garrison about some profiling work he asked her to do.

2008: Angel meets Manuel - and his speedo - at the pool. Jennie returns from the Caribbean. Third Strike: Kurt manages to escape his room and find a computer, but is caught before he can send a message.

2009: Mutation Sternutation: Laurie manifests Crystal's powers in the kitchen and Jean comes to the rescue; Callie asks people not to touch her; Jean-Phillipe posts about his powers not working; Kurt emails Monet, letting her know he seems to have Laurie's powers for the duration; Kurt, wearing an air scrubber, helps Marie with the teleporting; Jean checks on Crystal, who is manifesting Amara's powers in the safe room of the medlab; Crystal emails Forge to get him to check on Laurie; Julian wakes from his coma to find Fred and Dori by his bedside, and manifests Jean-Phillipe's electrokinetics. Adrienne wishes Emma a happy birthday and they make plans to have a family celebration. Catseye announces her decision to let new people know about her powers. Jean-Paul seeks out Nathan to talk about Johnny and discovers he's been told about Tara Trask meeting with Taygetos. Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie go shopping for plants and Jean-Paul tells her what he found out about their parents and the accident that killed them. Nori apologises to Nathan for snarking at Inez on Jeanne-Marie's introduction thread; Garrison threatens/bribes Inez into meeting with him.

2010: As offered, Jean-Paul makes Cammie bacon when she recovers from her residual poisoning.

2011: Jean-Phillipe posts about the New Orleans road trip, advising anyone needing an RA to speak to Yvette and asking someone to take over the New York bus run.

2012: Megan posts about it being Friday the 13th. Maddie texts Doug about his going away. Scott visits Matt on his first day of withdrawals.



2015: Scott gives Jean advice on car shopping. Monet posts inviting people to join her at the gym. Amadeus Cho sends Angel, Gabriel, and Arthur on a chase through NYC; they finally nail him down and convince him to come to Xavier's. Gabriel complains about Amadeus macing him and asks Clarice for an eye exam. Quentin meets his new roommate (Amadeus) and is severely unimpressed. Jungbrunnen: Wade updates the rest of X-Force on North’s condition and what happened to him; Wade, Marie-Ange, Doug, and Emma meet to discuss North's potential mental state as well as the few loose ends allowed to blow in the wind until they tangle themselves up.

2016: Maya posts about setting up a Pokemon Go trip to the woods. Laurie posts about a dementia vaccine that’s being developed. Cecilia posts about not tending any Pokemon Go related injuries. Jessica posts about going old school, and playing Pokemon on her 2DS.

2017: Hope shares her plans for the summer. While recovering from food poisoning, Rogue and Jean communicate via a walkie-talkie. Gabriel and Domino get to know each other better while working a job. Wanda and Kyle hang out in his suite. Warren offers to pay for Lorna’s wedding.

2018: Sins of the Father: Tandy's powers go out of control, and Topaz feels a kick of magic right before it happens; she talks to Amanda, and they agree it's time to hit the books; Amanda emails the rest of the magic crew for research help; Laurie posts about the three curse victims, and tells everyone to keep an eye out. Kitty posts about missing New York.

2019: Fear in the Dark: Two teams of X-Men go to the fight club; Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Marvel Girl, Wolverine, Blink, and Dust are inside and see the trademark Asgardian hammer box in the main ring; Nightcrawler tries to teleport it out but is unable to and winds up fighting the champion, Craig Hollis; Wolverine and Blink see Skadi and D'Spayre in the crowd and overhear their plan to use the fight as a way to find the Worthy for the hammer; before anyone can act, the hammer box is broken and Hollis revealed to be the newest Worthy, Angrir; Scott’s team try to subdue Angrir and evacuate the crowd while Marvel Girl stops the roof collapsing, but lose the three bad guys in the crush; outside, Dominion, Xavin, and Spectrum are also on crowd control when they are confronted by Skadi, D’Spayre and Angrir; they fight, but Skadi and Angrir combine their hammer forces and escape; as the X-Men are leaving, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow approach them wanting to combine knowledge, but an emergency call forces them to all go to the Triskelion, which is under attack by all of the Worthy, plus the Dweller, who are after the last hammer; Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Dust and Spectrum join Iron Man against Nerkkod and Mokk; Dominion, Marvel Girl, Xavin and Captain America face Angrir and Griethoth and in the vault room, Cyclops, Hellion, Blink and the Hulk try to stop Kuurth, Skadi and the Dweller from getting to the hammer; during the course of the fight in the vault room, the Dweller is knocked out by Cyclops and teleported to the mansion, but the hammer box is broken and the Hulk becomes Nul; the bad guys teleport away and the X-Men head home; Jean and Amanda successfully combine forces to try and lock down the Dweller enough for Tandy to resurface.

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