Monica Rappaccini

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Monica Rappaccini
Portrayed by Catharine Zeta-Jones
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: HYDRA
Socked By: TBD
Introduction: Rappaccini's Daughter

"All experiments have their flaws and it's nothing that can't be engineered out of the system. An adjustment of some brain chemistry levels and perhaps a bit of neurosurgery and the undesirable qualities shall be eradicated. You'll be perfect."

Biological mother to Carmilla Black, Monica is dedicated to science unfettered by morals or ethics - whatever it takes to get the results.


Name: Monica Rappaccini

Aliases: None

Affiliation: HYDRA

First appearance: May 20, 2009

Family: Carmilla Black (daughter); George Tarleton (lover)


Phase 1

Monica is a scientist who until von Strucker's death has been employed with him, helping the mad German Baron to find a path to immortality. Amoral and willing to work for whoever will pay the bills and not bog her down with Ethics restrictions, Monica is a ruthless and brilliant scientist. A bio-chemist with a focus on poisons originally, Monica branched out and received her PhD in various scientific fields at an extremely young age. That which she doesn't formally have a degree for she has taught herself. Since von Strucker's death, Monica has been working for various people as well as on her own, since her experiments are both expensive and fruitful there have been quite a few people courting her talents.

Monica came to work for von Strucker in the late 80s. One of the many projects she worked on was a living bio-weapon. These projects also furthered some of Monica's own goals. Among them was a project using her own DNA has a partial base named Project Thanasis. The second half of the base was von Strucker himself, though he was never informed of this. The weapon designed was Cammie and Monica used herself as the broodmare for reasons mostly to deal with wanting to control every facet of the process. She arranged for Cammie's adoption by friends from college, informing them her child was a mutant, but that was all.

Monica's goals aren't completely parallel to von Strucker's. She's not a Nazi in any sense of the word. But Monica's goals are a world where science without ethics and morals can prosper. Monica's warped idea of love and affection can be seen in her daughter and later on will be seen towards her boyfriend. She considers it almost an act of love to be involved in her experiments.

Phase 2


Monica is a minor mutant. She possesses a mutation similar to Cammie's in one way only. Monica has immunity like her daughter's, though no deadly facet every manifested. Monica's mutation is 'soft' in the truest sense of the word and her brain power is purely human. However, since age creates toxins that weather the skin: about the only physical sign of Monica's mutation is she looks extremely young for her age.


Rappaccini's Daughter


Socked by: TBD

PB: Catharine Zeta-Jones

Monica is based on the comics canon, but unlike canon is a mutant, for plot purposes.