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Dates run: March 24 2009
Run By: Kat, Suzene
Read the logs: Neverland

"This is our home. We are happy to be here, and are happy to have you. Are you not happy to be with us?"

Investigating a series of disappearances of mutant children, a small group of X-Men (plus Jean-Paul) discover an unusual sort of commune.


Jean-Paul Beaubier, Johnny Gallo

Cyclops, Dominion

Beautiful Dreamer, Joyboy, Astra, Plantman


March 24 2009

Plot Summary

A period of a few months had seen a number of disappearances among young mutants, but due to the distances between the incidents (spread across jurisdictions and states) the pattern went unnoticed until a member of the NYPD happened to see two similar reports of missing teenagers come across her desk. The circumstances of the cases seem too comparable to be coincidental and so she begun to search for cases with similar MOs. This lead eventually reached Garrison Kane through a series of mutual contacts and he set about an investigation with Scott Summers and Jean-Paul Beaubier, due to the suspected involvement of his sister Jeanne-Marie Beaubier.

Witness reports and accounts of unusual sightings led the team to track the missing mutants and their captors back to northern Washington and discover a mutant commune in a secluded area of wilderness. They were met by the commune's founders – Beautiful Dreamer, Joyboy, Plantman and Astra – all of whom claimed that they have done nothing wrong and that they were only protecting their own by stealing the young mutants away from miserable and unappreciated lives. Though all of the mutant children were unharmed and seemingly content, it was discovered that they were being manipulated by Beautiful Dreamer and Joyboy, many unable to even remember their former lives. Things quickly dissolved into fighting and at the end of the skirmish, the quartet escaped, leaving the X-Men to collect the young mutants and return to Xavier's.

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This plot introduced Johnny Gallo.

NPC Socking was done by Ryan, Cat, Shai and Kat.


Plotrunner: Kat, Suzene