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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Beautiful Dreamer, Joyboy, Astra, Plantman
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Ryan, Shai
Introduction: Neverland

A misguided group of would-be mutant protectors, the Neverlanders used their powers to abduct and 'keep safe' mutant children before being shut down by a small group of X-Men


Bella Jamison/Beautiful Dreamer
Dreamer had an idyllic childhood in the suburbs of Seattle, adored by by both her parents and popular with her classmates. In her early teens, her mother gave birth to a four-armed, furry girl, an obvious mutant. Her home life became suddenly tense and strained, but sunny Dreamer doted on her baby sister nonetheless, convinced that things would turn out all right in the end.

Dreamer's astral projection manifested the night that her father took matters into his own hands and smothered his youngest daughter in her crib. Dreamer could only watch, helpless, as her sister was murdered. Her insistence that she'd witnesses the death was dismissed as a nightmare. Even worse than knowing that her father had murdered her sister was the thought that he'd do the same to her if it was discovered that she was different. Her entire happy life and her faith in the world was uprooted that night. She became intensely interested in mutants rights, particularly fixated on mutant hate-crimes and the plight of mutant children. She used her budding telepathy to convince her parents to support the causes that interested her most, but it didn't feel like enough. Dreamer became obsessed with the idea of taking children like herself and her sister somewhere that they would be valued and began using her astral projection to seek out those who could help her, sometimes spending days at a time in her room simply searching. At age twenty, she discovered Samuel Smithers and ran away from home to bring him into her plan.

Powers: Dreamer is an astral projector with limited, close-proximity telepathy. She can project her consciousness away from her body, allowing her to see places and events taking place elsewhere. In this state, Dreamer can only observe events as they happen in real time; she has no precognative or retrocognative abilities. If she has a point of focus, such as a person or place in mind, she can home in on what she wishes to observe, but otherwise she must start from the physical location of her body and move outward from there. Dreamer can only move outward from her body at a rate of roughly fifteen MPH. While projecting, Dreamer can 'see' a full spectrum of color, but voices are all but impossible to make out; even the loudest shouting can barely be perceived.

Dreamer's telepathy is relatively weak and has a range of only a hundred feet or so. She has had no formal training in her powers, and the noise and confusion of a waking mind easily overwhelm her. Her preferred use of her powers is to use them on sleeping or unconscious targets, altering memories and planting suggestions. She does not have the training or the strength of will to 'puppet' another person; even a non-psi could shrug her off with relatively little trouble.

PB: Amy Winehouse

Samuel Smithers /Plantman
Plantman was kicked out by his parents when he was only a teenager -- his mutation caused him to manifest dramatically obvious physical changes: his body began to take on plant-like characteristics, including green skin, a moss-like texture to his hair, and patches of rough epidermis along his arms and chest so like bark that it sprouts twigs and buds. Not knowing where else to go, he retreated into the wilderness and spent the next ten years living as a hermit with only his simuloids for company until Dreamer found him. Without any prompting on her part, Plantman fell wholly in love with the beautiful young woman. He strives to do whatever it takes to make her happy, including fulfilling her dream of a haven for young mutants. It is largely thanks to his efforts that Neverland has plentiful food and shelter.

Powers: Samuel Smithers is a powerful chlorokinetic. He has the ability to control the rate of growth in plants within a fifty-foot radius of himself. He also has the ability to communicate telepathically with plants and to create 'simuloids', plant-based homunculoids which respond to his will. Simuloids are shambling constructs which can move freely, but have no free will or intelligence of their own. They are formed by Plantman breaking a bud off of his body and planting it in the soil. It takes several days of constant attention to grow a single simuloid the size of a large human, but they may lie dormant under the earth or take root in the soil until Plantman wakes them with a mental command. He can control many simuloids at once, but the further his concentration is split, the less complex the commands he can issue. A simuloid which has carried out its appointed task will take root until given new orders. While he does still require food for his long-term survival, Plantman can sustain himself for up to a week by photosynthesis before he begins to starve, though though he will be slow-thinking and sluggish by the end of that week.

PB: Treebeard

Tobias Felix/Joyboy
Despite his dwarfism, Toby led a relatively happy life until he discovered the nature of his mutancy. He was instantly beset by doubt, under the impression that all of those who'd seemed so accepting of his differences were only kind to him because of his power. When Dreamer approached him with the idea that he could use his power to help unhappy mutant children he was initially skeptical, but found himself coming around to her point of view over a matter of days and eventually joined her and Plantman in their plan to make a haven for mutants.

Powers: Joyboy projects a field of positive empathic energy around himself, creating a feeling of contentedness and well-being in those around him. While he can will this field to expand to a range of roughly two square miles or contract to within a six-foot radius around himself with little concentration, he is unable to shut it off completely. This aura does have a mildly addictive quality; after only a few hours within it, exiting the field can result in slight withdrawl symptoms and low-grade depression for those in the vicinity.

PB: Verne Troyer

Lila Cheney/Astra
Astra was orphaned at a young age and has been in and out of foster homes since she was five. She ran away at sixteen shortly after her manifestation. She was squatting in Seattle when Dreamer found her and recruited her to her cause. She initially thought that Dreamer was simply a crank, but the more she met with the other woman, the more she found herself buying into her vision and eventually joined forces with her.

Powers: Astra is a long-range teleporter with the ability to carry herself and roughly 400 kilos of additional weight to any destination she has observed or been shown before. Her teleport signature is an intense flare of white light. Though her impressive range makes her an asset, a round-trip jump is enough of a strain on the young mutant's system that she is typically out of commission for several days after a jaunt of any appreciable distance.

PB: Fairuza Balk


Formed by Beautiful Dreamer in response to her disillusionment after witnessing her father smother her visibly-mutant sister, the Neverlanders wished only to protect young mutants and provide them with a safe haven. Unfortunately, they did not always ask the mutants in question if they needed help, eventually going to far as to abduct them from their homes. When a colleague of Garrison Kane brought a number of similar cases to his attention, mention of a dark-haired woman vanishing in a flash of white light brought suspicion onto the missing Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and thus caught the attention of her brother, Jean-Paul Beaubier. Together with Scott Summers, the three mutants tracked down the Neverlanders to their woodland hideaway and eventually freed the children from the combined powers of Dreamer and Joyboy, who were ensuring they wanted to stay.

Dreamer and her friends fled, and their current whereabouts is unknown. It can be surmised, however, that Dreamer's own dream of mutant happiness, remains strong. The Neverlanders are not malicious or destructive, merely misguided in their methods.




Socked by: Ryan, Shai.

Previously socked by Cat and Kat.