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New Son
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Portrayed by none
Known Aliases: Unknown
Affiliations: Independent
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Introduction: Rappaccini's Daughter

A mysterious organisation focussing on mutant experimentation, New Son first came to attention when they were connected with the theft of shapeshifter Jake Gavin's arm.

First Appearance

The Problématique


Unknown - previous employees include George Tarleton, but there is no information on the group's current roster.


Very little is known about New Son. What is known is that they are interested in mutant experimentation, particularly "bred" weapons such as Carmilla Black and that they were behind the ambush that cost Jake Gavin his arm during an Infonet job. Infonet is believed to have them as clients. Genetic engineer George Tarleton worked for them for a time, before changing alleigences when he fell in love with Monica Rappaccini.

New Son has at least eight facilities. The facility designated as three is headquarters. Facility One is described as "bait." Facility eight is the location they took the abducted Vanessa Carlysle.


Rappaccini's Daughter

The Problématique


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