Pride Goeth

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Pride Goeth
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Dates run: November 1-7, 2008
Run By: Doqz
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#It's the fucking cavalry. The situation has just gone from suck to blow. There's going to be no living with them after this.#

Frustrated and angry, Farouk goes off on his own to research magic and winds up in exactly the sort of trouble you'd expect.


Amahl Farouk, Amanda Sefton, Wanda Maximoff

Ian McNee


November 1-7, 2008

Plot Summary

Amahl Farouk is PISSED. He came to the mansion to seek cure for a wasting disease and has been failed by the school. He provided information and help to X-Men and X-Force at every turn and their every request, up to risking his life. Yet in return he has been shown outright distrust and when he approached Amanda for a favor of studying magic he has been braced by her teacher, boyfriend and pretty much the entire circle of friends who took pains to make clear that they suspect him, his motives and generally find his interest in Amanda slightly odious.

From his perspective, he has basically been shafted. And, in general,he is feeling unappreciated, sulky, and like he's been given the short end of the stick. To the face.

So while keeping up a front of being a good sport (with varying success), underneath it the slow simmering of resentment is about to come to a boil. And when it does Farouk basically and without much fanfare strikes out on his own into magical circles.

He makes an acquaintance of a middle-man specializing in introducing people, and produring information/supplies within the Parisian occult circles. The man has a good reputation, due to having been cursed with the inability to tell a lie. Farouk approaches him and secures a promise for an introduction to a mage that will help him with the theory of magic and connection among the practitioners.

Obviously this results in nothing but trouble and in no time flat Farouk find himself in a precarious position and about to be badly digested by a suitably Lovecraftian horror in the Paris's metro system. As it turns out, while not being able to lie, the middleman is perfectly able to shade the truth just enough to feed Farouk's soul to the said horror. The latter ironically, being one of the results of weakened dimensional walls and various nasties coming through - as a consequence of the Shadow King's aborted attempt at world domination. The effort of breaking through the dimensional barriers weakened it enough to force it into hiding, biding its time under the city, snacking on unwary passerby and suckers brought to him by the middleman (to whom he promised the lifting of the curse in return).

Thankfully Amanda and Wanda realize the trend of events just in time and arrive to save Farouk, kill the monster and be generally annoyed.

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Trivia and Meta


Following this incident, Amanda and Wanda agreed to take Farouk on a 'magical mystery tour' of the occult network in order to try and avoid further incidents of near-possession.


Plotrunner: Doqz