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Portrayed by the Beast of Gevaudan (artist's interpretation)
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Independent - demonic
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: November 3, 2006

The Warwolves are demonic entities summoned from their dimension for a single purpose – revenge.

First Appearance

November 3, 2006


The Warwolves are demonic entities beastly in form, but with humanoid intelligence. Their bodies are incredibly smooth, with a metallic sheen. Their front legs have three fingers and opposable thumbs, while their hind legs are dog-like in form. They walk on four legs, but can stand and walk on two if necessary. When summoned, they are bound to the host the summoner chooses until the spell ends - the catch is, of course, that the only way the spell ends is with the caster being taken by the Wolves. To possess the designated target, they lock eyes with the victim and they drain the person's soul, as well as somehow remove all internal body parts, leaving only the skin. Warwolves then enter the skin through the mouth, using it as an anchor point to this dimension.

The spell acts as a contract - without the spell caster fulfilling their end (ie, going with the Wolves to their dimension), the Wolves are no longer bound to one host and can spread themselves through the population and leaving empty skins behind them.

The Wolves are immune to some mutant powers, especially psychic or magical ones. They are susceptible to intense heat, coming from a very cold dimension and are restricted to the physical limits of this dimension whilst they are occupying a host body - they cannot walk through walls, for example, or fly etc. However, when shocked out of the host, such as by nearly being hit by a large truck, they can teleport short distances.

They have no actual magical or mutant powers of their own, though they can induce partial temporary paralysis and numbing in the victims they physically hit. They bite and claw to attack. It is best to avoid making eye contact with them, as they can mesmerise a person. It is possible to communicate with them, as discovered by Doug Ramsey, as their howling is in fact a form of demonic speech.

The younger members of X-Force encountered the Warwolves in Fredericksville, Tennesee, whilst following up on the disappearance of several high school students. In this incident, the matter ended with the summoner – a sixteen year old loner called Josh Chambers – choosing to fulfil his end of that particular ‘bargain’. The book he used was taken by Amanda Sefton for later destruction.

The Warwolves made another appearance in April 2008, when the weakening of the dimension walls caused by the Shadow King incident allowed them to return to Earth, this time without the contract binding them to one task. Focussed on revenge of their own, on the group who had defeated them previously, they stalked various members of X-Force for several days before a trap was laid for them. Unfortunately, the Wolves had a trap of their own, and whilst they were returned to their own dimension, they came close to killing Mark Sheppard, who found himself trapped in their dimension and only barely managed to escape.

In November 2008 Amanda used the Warwolf form to bind the demonlord Shagroth to an earthly shape in order to defeat him.


Dogs of War

Operation: Take A Bow

Pride Goeth


Socked by: Rossi

The Warwolves are based on the comic canon version, but in this case are demons rather than inter-dimensional beings.