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Portrayed by Ed Sloan
Known Aliases: Ricochet
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Ricochet

He wasn't a killer, he was a thief, and while he didn't want to get recaptured, he sure as hell didn't want a death on his hands.

A probability manipulator who chose the name 'Ricochet' to embody his habit of bouncing back and who decided a life of crime was the best use of his talents.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Ricochet

Affiliation: Indpendent; currently believed to be on the run with Dragoness

First appearance: July 13, 2005

Family: Unknown


Ricochet first came to official notice back in July 2005, when the FBI asked the assistance of the X-Men in apprehending a jewel and antiquities thief targeting museums in the mid-west. He was captured when his powers clashed with Wanda Maximoff's and he spent the next four years in Hazelton Penetentiary. In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, he escaped and found himself being taken along by Toad, Wildside and Dragoness, his powers being thought useful in avoiding capture. They were intercepted by the X-Men and Ricochet clashed with Sway, their powers interacting to bring down a building. In the confusion, Dragoness assisted Ricochet to flee and both remain at large.


A probability manipulator, Ricochet has honed his powers to cause small, near-impossible events in a narrow radius. Like all probability manipulators, he is susceptible to bouts of bad luck after using his powers too often, and his powers tend to interact badly with other probability manipulators and clairvoyant-types like Suzanne Chan.


X-Men Mission: Ricochet

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak


Socked by: Rossi

PB: Ed Sloan