Mutant Liberation Front

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Mutant Liberation Front
Portrayed by See below
Known Aliases: Wildside (deceased), Dragoness, Reaper, Forearm
Affiliations: Independent - pro-mutant
Socked By: Aura
Introduction: X-Men Mission: MLF

Fanatics of the worst type, the Mutant Liberation Front made their presence violently known in 2004. They were quickly subdued and captured by the X-Men, but in November 2009 Wildside and Dragoness managed to escape, although Wildside was killed shortly after.

First Appearance

April 14, 2004


Wildside was a feral, with the ability to alter the perceptions of those around him, essentially "warping" their reality through a venom on his claws. Killed whilst attempting to escape the X-Men in November 2009. Deceased

PB: None.

Dragoness packs a bio-electric sting which can manifest as flame. Rounding out her costume is a set of mechanical wings which afforded her the ability to fly. Currently at large following X-Men Mission: Jailbreak. She appeared with the Dark Riders during the attack on Muir Island and fought with Rogue, who managed to pull off her wings. Unable to fly, it is assumed she died when Jean Grey manifested the Phoenix and killed Magneto.

PB: model unknown, art by Metaman, Heromorph gallery

Secretion of a paralyzing neuro-toxin. Reaper wields two scythes through which he emits his toxin. Currently held in the Vault after his capture in Texas.

PB: Nheira

Forearm has four arms, and heightened strength. Currently held in the Vault after his capture in Texas.

PB: model unknown, art by Smoothsketch

  • 8 unnamed members


The MLF came to the attention of the world in April 2004 when they took control of an Austin radio station, killing a number of police and security guards in the process. Little was known about the radical mutant rights group prior to this, but they appeared to be one of the more lunatic fringe, their demands making little sense.

After they were captured by the X-Men, the MLF were tried for multiple counts of murder and were kept in seperate prisons beefore being transferred to the Vault. In November 2009 during the country's biggest ever mass escape, Wildside and Dragoness escaped. Wildside was killed when crushed between two train cars during a battle with the X-Men, but Dragoness remained at large, last seen in the company of Ricochet.

Dragoness resurfaced in January 2015 during the Dark Riders' ambush of the X-Men at Muir Island. She went toe-to-toe with Rogue in a pitched battle that ultimately resulted in Dragoness' wings being pulled off. Unable to fly, Dragoness is presumed to have died when Jean Grey manifested the Phoenix.


X-Men Mission: MLF

X-Men Mission: Jailbreak

A Touch Of Brimstone


Socked by: Aura - Dragoness; Wildside