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Salem Center Counseling Associates
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First Seen: 2008

Salem Center Counseling Services is Dr. Leo Samson's second job. It is composed of various mental health professionals who are openly committed to serving minority populations such as mutants, gay and lesbian individuals, and immigrants.


  • Dr. Paul Banner - Paul is a psychiatrist and good friend of Leo Samson. He met his partner, Grant Murphy, at a rowing competition--Grant was on Yale's team, and Paul rowed for Harvard. They maintained a long-distance relationship until their education was completed and have been together ever since.
  • Dante Collins - An art therapist, high school linebacker and former Marine, Dante is married to SCCS office manager Tamika Collins, and can frequently be found hiking or rock-climbing all over New York state. He also runs ropes courses and outdoor adventure camps for kids, and assisted Leo on a ropes course trip for students at the Institute.
  • Tamika Collins - The office manager and real power behind SCCS, she also maintains Leo's schedule both at SCCS and Xavier Institute. Married to Dante, Tamika also moonlights as an amateur clown, and keeps a supply of balloons in a drawer in her desk to distract children with balloon animals while waiting.
  • Indrani Jindal - A social work intern from Columbia, supervised by My Phan.
  • Frank Levy - A marriage and family therapist and native New Yorker, he is a much more devout Jew than Leo, but still willing to laugh about certain Jewish laws that can have amusing outcomes.
  • Jasmine Martin - A psychology student from Fordham University, supervised by Grant Murphy.
  • Grant Murphy - Partner to Dr. Paul Banner, Grant is a psychologist and close friend of Leo. The two have several ongoing jokes regarding Grant's lack of hair and Leo's abundance.
  • My Phan - Clinical social worker originally born in Vietnam, My was the one who encouraged Leo to pursue social work after his disillusionment with the American Psychological Association. She dates Rita Rodriquez, who works at the Angels Clinic in the city.


The SCCS was founded in 1993 by Grant, Paul, My and Leo. Dante joined the staff two years later, and after their part-time assistant left to be a full-time mom, Tamika began helping out until a replacement was found, and became the full-time office manager several months later. When My started dating Rita Rodriguez in 1998, the SCCS became involved with the Angels Clinic, and eventually all of the staff began contributing hours at the free clinic. Frank joined in 1998, and the clinic began accepting student interns in 2000.

In April 2009 the centre suffered serious damage when a bomb exploded in the waiting room, killing young patient Jada Riley and injuring two staff members. Following the incident, the centre relocated, with Leo departing for Pakistan and India to continue with his work there.

Six years later, Samson returned, to again work with the centre and continue his working relationship with Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.


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