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Confused about the format for a plot submission? Here's what Rossi submitted to the modlist for Razor's Edge, verbatim.

Razor's Edge.

Cast: Yvette, Angelo, Kevin, Kyle, Jane, Angel, Monet and Laurie. Garrison for aftermath.

NPCs: Dr. Marcel (pre-existing character with a Wiki write up); mutant child slave ring (minor roles, no write ups needed)

Timing: August 29-September 1 (only one day of action on Sep 1 - I've spoken to Shai and she's fine with the overlap)


An Amnesty International conference into the child (mutant and otherwise) slave trade is held in Kosovo, being one of the known hubs for such trade in Europe. Dr. Pierre Marcel, Yvette's friend from her refugee days and now working for Amnesty International, invites her to come along, potentially to speak to people if she's up for it. Elpis is also interested, and so Angelo, Kevin, Jane and Monet are to go along. Yvette also invites some of her friends - Angel, Kyle and Laurie.

During the conference, Dr Marcel has a talk with the adults of the group regarding the former State orphanage employee believed responsible for Yvette and other children vanishing from the orphanage. He has been located, working with a local "war orphans" relocation program, and Dr Marcel is hoping that Yvette will be in the mental state to give evidence should an arrest occur. The problem arises when Yvette, doing her usual quiet sneaking around and listening thing, overhears the story and decides to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, she only overhears part of the conversation - she misses the part where Marcel explains the reason no-one's done anything yet is because the police are involved in a surveillance operation to potentially capture the whole gang.

Yvette leaves the hotel, but in the process runs into Angel. Yvette is refusing to listen to any kind of 'reasonable' action and so Angel tags along to try and avoid trouble and potentially because she also thinks they can do something; in the wake of their Sri Lanka experiences, this is important to both of them. They go to the building housing the relocation program, intent on confronting the man responsible for Yvette's lost six months. He is in the process of leaving, and they follow him, using the tricks taught to Yvette by Logan and Kyle and their powers - flying over roofs etc. They arrive at the base of operations for the slave ring, and that's when things start going wrong. There's a lot of men, a lot of guns, several children, and two super-powered teenage girls. The gang is Albanian mafia, definitely ruthless enough to try and cover their escape with violence rather than kidnapping, and when they realise it's not the police, they decide to take on the girls.

The group discover Yvette is gone, talk to the concierge, and realise she's gone after her own personal bogeyman. They follow, with Kyle tracking her scent and Monet using her telepathy when they get closer, and bust in thinking she and Angel have been caught. Fight ensues, and in the confusion, Laurie goes to confront Yvette, who is facing off against the man who took her, with intent to do him serious harm/death since all she can think of is what happened to her. Laurie's acting on her own initiative, believing she can stop Yvette due to their connection, perhaps ignoring warnings. Laurie uses her powers, but because Yvette's in a heightened state of emotional stress, it doesn't work instantly and she charges forward, pushing Laurie aside and cutting her up, with a couple of serious gashes in some places. Angelo uses his powers to restrain her, grabbing her where she's covered up and it's then she realises what she's done.

The gang flees (some are caught, but the bulk, in the confusion, get away) and because they've impeded a police investigation and a student has nearly killed someone, they need to leave quickly, after Dr. Marcel patches up Laurie.


Garrison, in the wake of Yvette's actions, talks first to her and then to Xavier about how it has become obvious the students are taking the examples provided by the X-Men, to be heroes and take action, but they're not gaining the discipline and training in terms of being able to choose when to intervene. The staff decide to provide that training within the context of the New Mutants, in order to avoid similar situations arising and enabling the students to make informed choices about the team and to not back each other up blindly. Yvette realizes that powers don't mean you have the right to disobey the law, and Laurie has to deal with the 'failure' of her powers and the realization she can't so everything alone.