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Steve Hudak
Portrayed by Blake Shields
Known Aliases: Scorcher
Affiliations: The Hood
Socked By: TBD
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica!


A problem gambler in debt to the Maggia, Scorcher is a mutant pyrokinetic thirsting for revenge.


Name: Steve Hudak

Aliases: Scorcher

Affiliation: The Hood

First appearance: March 19, 2015



Phase 2

Hudak was a boring, mid-level accountant working for the city. He developed a vicious gambling habit that eventually required him to embezzle large sums to try and pay off. Unfortunately, late on his payments, the Maggia decided to make an example of him, locking him in the trunk of an old car and setting it on fire. Unfortunately for them, the terror and the stress forced his long dormant mutant abilities to emerge, using them to kill his attackers. He was Parker's first recruit, looking for revenge against the Maggia. During the battle against the X-Men at the prison, he lost a finger to Blink's teleportation powers before escaping when The Avengers arrived.


Scorcher can generate flame from his hands and wrap himself in fire to protect from physical attacks. At this point his control is poor, but rapidly improving.


Phase 2

X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica!


PB: Blake Shields

Socked by: TBD