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Operation: Take A Bow: Following the events of The Shadow King (plot) which left the walls between magical dimensions unusually thin, members of X-Force became aware of being stalked by an old foe - the Warwolves, vengeful demonic entities last seen in Tennesee.

Setting a trap for their foes in St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, the full team engaged the 'Wolves in a short, bloody fight that left the team one member short: Mark's mind was lost to Emma, and later police investigations uncovered a crushed iPod and human remains, and Mark was assumed killed in the fight.

After weeks of his friends and comrades having to come to terms with the loss, Mark suddenly returned to the Brownstone from the Warwolves' dimension, harrowed from his experience (which was told through a series of flashbacks). The incident served to bond the X-Force team closer, and established the idiom of "never assume someone's dead until you see the body" that has served both X-Force and the X-Men well.