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Brotherhood of Mutants: The Brotherhood of Mutants are the followers of Magneto, drawn for various reasons to follow his cause for mutant supremacy, which often brings them into conflict with Charles Xavier's X-Men. Their last strike directly against the X-Men was the ambush and torture of several younger members of the team for unknown reasons - the information they demanded was known to them to not exist. The Brotherhood have remained under the radar following a number of setbacks, although Mystique and Nimrod appeared in New York in February 2009, involved in the attempted abduction of the child of a prominant anti-mutant politician. Of the original members of the group, only Mystique remains: Toad is currently in custody following his capture and Sabretooth is AWOL, following his own capture, forced cooperation and then escape and reappearance briefly in the company of the Dark Riders. The current roster is composed of: Mystique, Nimrod, Abyss, Senyaka and Kamal.