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Bhagavad Gita On June 30, 2008, the world was rocked as the city of Srinagar in Northern India was wiped out in a nuclear explosion. In the days that followed, a Pakistani terrorist group calling itself the Sons of Bakr claimed responsibility for the action, citing the use of a mutant to provide the actual explosion. In an effort to avoid outright conflict between the two nations, the UN sent an investigation team in to determine exactly what had happened. Fred Duncan, called on for his experience with mutant investigations for the FBI, arranged for Garrison Kane and a team of mixed X-Men, X-Force and residents of the mansion to attend and get to the bottom of things before all-out war erupted.

Eventually a complex plot was unearthed, revolving around the Shiar, a political influential Indian family. With the eldest son, D. Ken Neramani, elevated to Indian Prime Minister during the political upheaval, the fact that his sister, Calysee, widow of a powerful Pakistani general, had been involved in the Deathbird project which had produced the mutant terrorist, meant that she lost her position as leader of Pakistan and that her brother had to withdraw any support. Calysee was locked into her own mind by Emma Frost after the reality of the true orchestrator, the elusive Kingmaker - Phase 1 was pried from her telepathically. All of the Sons of Bakr were killed, with the mixed mutant team ambushed as they sought the final suvivor. Esteban Trotsky, friend and manservant to Amahl Farouk, was killed in the melee.

The final coda came when Farouk confronted David Langstrom, who admitted to being the Kingmaker, safe in the knowledge nothing could be pinned on him.